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November 2007
Historic Catholic Converts to Catholicism - Fr. Charles Connor

July 2007
Catholic Magazine Immaculate Heart Messenger
Free Christian Catholic Pamphlets
2 Free Booklets featuring "The Passion & The Holy Mass" by Catalina Rivas

"Contraception: Why Not,"  by Professor Janet Smith
An amazing, life-changing presentation, NOW available on a FREE CD

FREE Catholic Booklets - Catholic Information Service

Free Catholic Audio Teaching CD's - Mary Foundation

June 2007
Father Charles Connor  - Real Audio, 
Catholic Priesthood Through the Ages
Father Pablo Straub  - An examination of the seven sacrament & Holy Week Retreat
Doctors of the Church
  - 33 Doctors of the Catholic Church - by Father Charles Connor

March 2007

Household of Faith Hosted Real Audio, by Kris Franklin and Rosalind Moss
December 2006
Defenders of Faith in Word and Deed  - Catholics who have defended the faith - Fr. Charles Connor

April 2006
Watch online videos about
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Feburary 2006

Gilbert Keith  (G. K.) Chesterton
The Apostle of Common Sense
Audio Archives produced by EWTN

December 28th 2006 Added DSS Audio
of Fr. Robert Altier Homilies

January 2005
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March 2005
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April 2005
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September 28th 2006
EWTN - Mother Angelica Live
Audio Archvies 1995 to 2002

  23 Hours of Audio
Fundamentals of Catholicism by Father Robert Altier

  Life is Worth Living - Teachings of Catholicism
Audio Archives
by Archbishop Fulton Sheen

September 9th 2006
Fr. Robert Altier 2005 Homilies
with 58 DSS audio files

September 1st 2006
The Pill Contraception why not - by Dr.Janet E Smith

August 23rd Father Angelus Shaughnessy Homilies on
The Eternal Word TV Network within Our Lady of Angels Monaster

April 18th 2006  Downtown Journal - 
An artist on display - by  Breanne Doroff-
Skyway Portrait Painter Mark Sanislo

March 2nd 27th 2006
1 minute pro-life wma audio messages for the right choice

 Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.
1  2  3  4  5  6  7

January 27th 2006  Therese 2004 Movie   NOW on DVD

Mark Sansilo
.  Portrait Painter and
Religious Artist   marksanilso.com
Mother Teresa   Pope John Paul  ll
Padre Pio   Last Supper
Mother of the Word

December 27th 2005  Fr. Bernard Reiser
A Minnesota Treasure DVD

December 12th 2005  Mark Sanislo

Original Art Oil paintings and Pastels drawings

October 30th 2005
Fr. Robert Altier Homily  "Protecting God’s Children"
"Safe Touch program"
Archive Text Homilies
2005  2004  2003  2002  2001

October 2005 Abortion Messages from
Blessed Mother Mary to Little Mary

October 14th 2005
TIRED YET? - Publication for Teens and Young Adults

Oct 5th 2005  Biography  MOTHER ANGELICA:
The Remarkable Story of a Nun,
Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles
by Raymond Arroyo

July 10th 2005 Real Audio conversion stories
Baptist Conversions  to Catholicism

June 26th 2005  Web Rings
Blessed Virgin Mary Ring & E W T N  RingMother Teresa Ring

June 23rd 2005  Rate Excerpts of INRI

June 17th 2005 Adore  Our Eucharistic Lord
The Year of the Eucharist October 2004 to October 2005

June 6th 2005   Fr. Robert J. Fox 50 years as a preist and
new book "A Priest is a Priest Forever." autobiography
Table of contents   Sample Chapters  2   3   4 
Back Cover

April 24th 2005  Fr. Robert J. Fox 50 years as a preist and
new book "A Priest is a Priest Forever." autobiography

April 23rd 2005 Dr. Scott Hahn on Eternal Word TV Network

March 31st 2005  Audio by Little Mary from January 2005 Messages

Reclaiming Your Children for the Faith an  EWTN TV Series on Video
Fr. Robert J. Fox.   Episode 10 an interview of  Little Mary  by Fr. Fox.

March 3rd 2005 Teresa of Calcutta Movie
A William Riead Production Starring Olivia Hussey

February 20th 2005 Real Audio Lenten Reflections
By  Fr. William CaseyFr. John Corapi 

February 19th 2005
Journey Home/St. Joseph Real Audio conversion stories
from former Presbyterian and  former Presbyterian ministers and pastors.

February 17th 2005
Journey Home/St. Joseph Real Audio conversion stories
from former Lutheran and  former Lutheran ministers and pastors.

February 16th 2005 Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
2003 Movie produced by Lux Vide
Preformed by Olivia Hussey

February 13th 2005 The Rapture & Left Behind Real Audio from EWTN

February 11th 2005 Excerpts of INRI BLOG

February 7th 2005 Sample chapters  of "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother"
book by Fr. Robert J. Fox on messages from heaven through little mary

February 5th 2005 Blessed Little Margaret of Castello  I   II

January 31st 2005 Mother M. Angelica's  The Promised Woman Mini book
January 21th 2005 Frank Peretti’s novel Tilly
  a Pro-Life
story is now being shared with many in a short film,
created by Love Life America
NEW REAL video feed clips added from Love Life Ameria.

January 20th 2005  Pro-Life Audio from EWTN

Dr. John Willke One-minute
Pro-Life Messages -  Life Jewels

 Fr. Frank Pavone  A People of Life
 short reflections combating
the "culture of death."

January 14th 2004 Modest Clothing Resource
From Colleen Hammond
A PDF on a Outfit Test
Chapter 1 - Dressing with Dignity  by Colleen Hammond

January 10th 2005 Audio from Fr. Shannon M. Collins on EWTN

January 8th 2005 Audio from Fr. Robert J. Fox on EWTN

January 6th 2005"Messages from the Heart of Our Mother" new book by Fr. Robert J. Fox on
visionary messages through little mary
December 11 2004 Little Mary update archive Messages from the heart
December 10th 2004 EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network on Sirius Satelite Radio

December 6th 2004 revised Astounding words from Jesus on marriage & family life

December 6th 2004 short biography of Fr. Robert J. Fox

December 3rd 2004 Fr. Bernard Reiser DVD Life & Times
Supporting Haiti relief efforts

November 3rd 2004 Animated DVD  "PASSION TRILOGY" special offer.

October 26th 2004  Norma McCorvey, the former "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade.
Book call Won by Love

October 12th 2004 Excertps from Jesus on Abortion

August 30th 2004 The Song of Bernadette/ Lady of Lourdes  I   II  III

August 26th 2004 Our Lady of Fatima

August 24th 2004 Saint Therese of Lisieux, Movie

August 19th 2004 Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics

August 10th 2004 Revised Passion of Christ I & II meditations
with powerful
Radix audio clips

August 1st 2004 Nest Family Animated Bible Stories

July 26th 2004 Frank Peretti’s novel Tilly is now being shared
with many in a short film, created by Love Life America

July 23rd 2004 "The Passion of Christ " by Doug Barry of Radix

July 15th 2004 "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother" new book by Fr. Robert J. Fox on
visionary messages through little mary

June 24 2004  Catholic Radio - Talk Radio  Call-in and ask questions

June 9 2004 Jesus of Nazareth X - Passion of Christ "Jesus on the Cross, "It is Fininshed"

June 8th 2004 Animated New Testament Bible Stories information page

May 31 2004 added links for Peoples personal religious websites
Sacred Heart Organization  Israel  and Visions of Jesus Christ

May 31 2004 Annunciation of links II webpage

May 30 2004 Admirable messages  for Catholic Priests - with "Feed my Sheep" audio clip

May 29 2004 Associated links for Children related materials.

May 25 2004 -  Jesus of Nazareth VIIII Passion of Christ "Behold Thy Mother"

May 25 2004 -  Jesus of Nazareth VIII Passion of Christ "Jesus Carries his Cross"

May 25 2004 added a link DRV Douay-Rheims Bible link on the home page

May 22 2004 Jesus of Nazareth VII - Passion of Christ "Jesus condemned to death"

May 21 Jesus of Nazareth VI - Passion of Christ "Last supper - Agony in the Garden"

May 17 Jesus of Nazareth V - "Christ teaching in the temple, Jesus cures a blind man"

May 15 Jesus of Nazareth IIII - "Jesus Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, The Lords Prayers"

May 14 Jesus of Nazareth III - "Baptism of Christ in the river Jordan. Parable of the prodigal son"

May 12 Jesus of Nazareth II - "The birth of Jesus, Finding the Child Jesus in the Temple"

May 11 Jesus of Nazareth I - "The Annunciation by the angel Gabriel, The Visitation - Magnificat"

May 8 2004 Passion of Christ I meditations with powerful Radix audio clips

May 8 2004 Passion of Christ II meditations with powerful Radix audio clips

May 8 2004 Ave Maria "Full of Grace" some titles of Our Heavenly Mother

Mary 8 2004 Little Mary archive Messages from the heart, private revelations from the Blessed Mother

May 8 2004 little mary Messages Adore Our Lord private revelations from the Blessed Mother

April 30 Admirable messages  for Catholic Priests - Message from the Blessed Mother April 21 & 26

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