Understanding Christianity: Afterlife

Understanding Christianity: AfterlifeMost of us, if not all of us, at some point wonder what happens after death. Is there life after death? Or do our bodies just slowly decompose? The way we answer these questions often depends on our religious beliefs. There are many different religions out there and they all have their own ways to answer questions concerning afterlife. In this article I will discuss Christianity’s beliefs about afterlife.

First it is important to note Christianity has many different denominations and a Christian’s belief of afterlife can be greatly effected by what domination of Christianity they follow. The views discussed in this article are general beliefs accepted by most Christian denominations. Further research would be required to fully understand the beliefs of afterlife for the different Christian denominations.

The concept of afterlife is discussed in the Book of Mathew. The Book of Mathew paints two worlds in the afterlife- heaven and hell. There is no one excepted belief amongst Christianity about the makeup of heaven and hell. Some believe heaven and hell have physical locations and others believe heaven and hell concerns a person’s relationship with God.

Despite Christians not having one excepted landscape for heaven and hell, the concept of both are founded on a set of accepted ideals. Heaven is considered a place for people who have a strong companionship with God. Heaven is linked with the image of light and is thought of as a joyful place. Hell is designated for people who have turned their back on God. Hell depicts eternal suffering.

Some denominations of Christianity believe in Purgatory. Purgatory lets somebody repent their sins so they can eventually move forward to heaven. Believers in Purgatory believe those individuals destined for heaven are the only ones who enter Purgatory. Orthodox Christians are amongst the Christians who do not believe in Purgatory.

Besides the makeup of heaven and hell the other major question Christians deal with in relation to afterlife is who is allowed into heaven and who gets stuck in hell. Certain denominations of Christianity believe heaven is only for those who accept Jesus Christ as their savor. This belief first began by the Catholic Church shortly after the Protestant Reformation. Other Christians believe as long as you have a good heart and live a life full of good intentions that you can find your way into heaven.

To Christians heaven is the ultimate reward. Heaven is the reason to be a morally good person. Heaven is the motivation to live a good life. Those who do not live a moral life will end up punished eternally in hell. Afterlife is very important to the creed of Christianity. After all, afterlife is what motivates Christians to live their lives the way they do