Easy Rhubarb Crumble {Recipe}

Easy Rhubarb Crumble {Recipe}

Easy Rhubarb Crumble {Recipe}

My garden is flourishing! Roma tomatoes are starting to ripen, carrots are ready to pull, and I’ve even harvested 3 eggplants!! Don’t get me started on the cucumbers taking over my fridge. (But if you need any, please drop by!)

Things got a little wild out there while I was away in Newfoundland, so I’m working my way through weeding, pruning, and tying up. When I went in to tackle the cucumber plants I was pleasantly surprised to find yet another crop of rhubarb ready to pull. I had figured anything at this stage of the summer would be too soft, but these stalks were perfect. I got almost 5 cups of chopped rhubarb from my haul, which I supplemented from my frozen stash to make a yummy crumble for tonight’s dessert.

This crumble is super easy and results in a nice, slightly tart, slightly sweet treat. It’s great served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Easy Rhubarb Crumble
2/3 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cups rolled oats
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
4 TBSP butter
Combine all ingredients, mix and crumble with fingers.

6 cups chopped rhubarb
1/3 cup white sugar
Place rhubarb and sugar in a saucepan with just enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes to stew the rhubarb. Drain.*

Place drained rhubarb in the bottom of a greased baking pan. Cover with the crumble. Bake in a 350 oven for 25-30 minutes, until crumble browns.

*You can save the drained liquid to use as a drink syrup, either combined with soda water or used in place of simple syrup in cocktail recipes.  It should be good for up to a week in the fridge.

Understanding Christianity: Afterlife

Understanding Christianity: AfterlifeMost of us, if not all of us, at some point wonder what happens after death. Is there life after death? Or do our bodies just slowly decompose? The way we answer these questions often depends on our religious beliefs. There are many different religions out there and they all have their own ways to answer questions concerning afterlife. In this article I will discuss Christianity’s beliefs about afterlife.

First it is important to note Christianity has many different denominations and a Christian’s belief of afterlife can be greatly effected by what domination of Christianity they follow. The views discussed in this article are general beliefs accepted by most Christian denominations. Further research would be required to fully understand the beliefs of afterlife for the different Christian denominations.

The concept of afterlife is discussed in the Book of Mathew. The Book of Mathew paints two worlds in the afterlife- heaven and hell. There is no one excepted belief amongst Christianity about the makeup of heaven and hell. Some believe heaven and hell have physical locations and others believe heaven and hell concerns a person’s relationship with God.

Despite Christians not having one excepted landscape for heaven and hell, the concept of both are founded on a set of accepted ideals. Heaven is considered a place for people who have a strong companionship with God. Heaven is linked with the image of light and is thought of as a joyful place. Hell is designated for people who have turned their back on God. Hell depicts eternal suffering.

Some denominations of Christianity believe in Purgatory. Purgatory lets somebody repent their sins so they can eventually move forward to heaven. Believers in Purgatory believe those individuals destined for heaven are the only ones who enter Purgatory. Orthodox Christians are amongst the Christians who do not believe in Purgatory.

Besides the makeup of heaven and hell the other major question Christians deal with in relation to afterlife is who is allowed into heaven and who gets stuck in hell. Certain denominations of Christianity believe heaven is only for those who accept Jesus Christ as their savor. This belief first began by the Catholic Church shortly after the Protestant Reformation. Other Christians believe as long as you have a good heart and live a life full of good intentions that you can find your way into heaven.

To Christians heaven is the ultimate reward. Heaven is the reason to be a morally good person. Heaven is the motivation to live a good life. Those who do not live a moral life will end up punished eternally in hell. Afterlife is very important to the creed of Christianity. After all, afterlife is what motivates Christians to live their lives the way they do…

Disasters You Should Hire Professionals to Repair

Disasters You Should Hire Professionals to Repair

There are many disasters that could seriously damage your home. It is important that you know how to handle these disasters if you are ever confronted with them at some point in the future. Your home is the most expensive item you will ever buy during your life. Therefore, it makes sense that you should go out of your way to protect it. This will help to ensure that it increases in value over the years. It is equally important that you know how to quickly and effectively repair any damage that is caused by a disaster. You will always be better off hiring a company that specializes in restoring homes that have been seriously damaged. Here are a few examples of disasters these companies can help you with.

  1. Fire and smoke can quickly cause major damage.

There is nothing more destructive on the planet than a fire. It has the power to turn a large house into smoldering ruins in only a matter of minutes. The fire can burn faster if there is a strong wind or items in the house that burn very easily. However, fire is not the only thing that you need to worry about. The smoke can also do major damage to walls, ceilings and many of your most prized possessions. This type of damage cannot be easily repaired. You need to hire people who are experts in restoring homes to their former glory after they have been involved in a fire. There are a variety of professional disaster restoration companies you can choose from.

  1. Storms can wreak havoc on your home.

You might live in a part of the country that has frequent storm activity. These storms can occasionally get very powerful and destructive. If this is the case, there is a chance your home could get seriously damaged. A disaster restoration company will be able to take a look at the damage your home has received and design a plan to fix it. Your home will look like new when they are finished. It is the goal of companies in this industry to makes the homes they repair seem like they were never involved in a disaster in the first place.

  1. Your personal property could also suffer as a result of a disaster.

Your home might not be the only thing that you need to have repaired. There is a good chance that some of your personal property was damaged as well. There are companies that have equipment to clean items such as stuffed animals, linens, fur, bedding, fabrics, rugs and many other items. Their cleaning techniques are better than dry cleaning.…

How I have my Apple iDevices configured

How I have my Apple iDevices configured

A colleague recently asked me how I have my Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV and Apple Watch configured. While there are lots of ways and everyone will have their personal preferences, here are mine:

iTunes – I use a single iTunes ID for all my Apple devices so all my iTunes (music, videos, book) and App Store (apps) purchases are available on all my devices. While I was initially excited with the prospect of the new iOS 8 Family Sharing feature, it doesn’t support iTunes Match (see below) and thus wasn’t an option for me. I use the same iTunes id for work and personal, for iCloud and iMessage.

Apple Music – I’m not a fan and I don’t subscribe. I have a large music collection that I own and I also subscribe to Sirius/XM in my two cars and use the mobile app extensively to listen to music when connected to wi-fi (typically at home).

iTunes Match – I’m a huge fan and for $24.99 a year, it’s a bargain. Our family has a huge number of playlists which are available on all our devices. Unfortunately, Family Sharing isn’t supported so each of our devices (maximum of 10) needs to log into the same iTunes account. I hope Apple addresses this limitation.

iCloud – Each of the members in our family has their own iCloud account in their own name. My family makes due with the free 5GB account. I pay $1 a month for the 50GB plan so I have enough space to backup all my devices. We synchronize our all data across devices.

iMessage – Each of the members of the members of my family uses the same Apple ID for iCloud and iMessage. While I prefer to get all my messages and phone calls on all my devices, my kids have disabled this feature.

OurPact and iOS Restrictions – I use OurPact and native iOS restrictions to limit my kids access

Find my iPhone/iPad – enabled on all my devices

Find My Friends – installed on all our iPhone and iPad. We’ve invited each other to share our locations. We also have “Notify Me” alerts set (e.g. when the kids arrive home)…

Sugar-Coated Christianity

Sugar-Coated ChristianityToday’s church sermon got me to thinking a lot about Christianity, especially here in America. Is our Christianity the way that Jesus intended for it to be?

On the one hand we have the finger-pointing Christians, who are so busy pointing out the sins of everyone around them, they fail to see the big old log in their own eyes.

But what about the opposite extreme of this? What about the Christians who have mistaken loving with tolerance…turning their heads when they hear certain controversial issues discussed for fear of seeming like their finger pointing counterparts?

Sometimes I believe I am one of these “sugar-coated Christians”. I try so hard to be an example to other people by showing love and acceptance, but in the meantime I often avoid the tough topics. I don’t want to come off as pushy or judgmental…(after all, who am I to judge anyone?) I don’t want to have to express an unpopular opinion.

The thing is, by avoiding the tough topics, it may seem to some that I am giving a nod that certain things are okay. And that isn’t what Jesus would have wanted. Jesus never avoided the tough issues. He confronted them head on, but He had an amazing way of doing so with great love and compassion, addressing the issue at hand and never belittling the sinner.

I see many Christians these days, though…so afraid of being called a hypocrite that they take no stance on any of the important issues. They rationalize an “anything goes” mentality that they spread to others.

But is Christianity an “anything goes” religion? Of course not. We are called to the highest standard of living. We have Christ as our example…and He gave His very life for us.

There are Christians in the world who die each day proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is in these countries, such as Latin America, Africa, China…where people die for speaking out in faith. It is also in these countries where the church is growing at a tremendous rate.

But here, in America…we tend to sit in our pews and worship. We are willing to come to church once, twice, or 3 times a week. But are we willing to die for our faith? Are we willing to put ourselves out there and proclaim the gospel by speaking out against those issues that Christ would have us speak out against? And are we willing to learn to do that without pointing fingers in judgement, but holding out arms of compassion?

Are we willing to leave our church pews and make time at the homeless shelter? Are we willing to give up some of our riches to help those who have nothing? These are difficult questions, and they should make us, as Christians squirm a little.

I know they make me squirm a lot. Its very easy to get too comfortable as a Christian, and today I realized that I am definitely a “sugar-coated Christian”. Something for me to think about…and something for me to work on.…

Spring Workout Style

Spring Workout StyleWhile the weather has been fluctuating lately, it’s definitely been getting warmer.  Proof is in how often we find ourselves spending weekends at the beach.  My spring workout style has definitely taken into consideration these warmer temps with short shorts, loose and airy dry-fit tanks, and lightweight Flyknit trainers.  Head on over to the Finish Line Blog to check out my spring style, what I’m wearing, and why!
/Bzees x Athleta Sip + Style Recap – Daily Cup of Asheejojo/

Last week I met up with some of my favorite bloggers at the Bzees x Athleta Sip + Style event.

Already a fan of Bzees (my favorite “grocery shopping shoe”), we were introduced to the new Fall line which brought in a lot of 70’s flair, natural elements and subdued tones.  Even with the new designs, Bzees has kept its comfort the same through air-infused outsoles, free foam footbeds, dynamic stretch uppers making them literally feel like clouds on your feet.  #lightfeelsright

Not only did we score a free pair of Bzees, but we also got to enjoy sushi bites from Blue Ocean, sips from California Fruit Wine (wine made from fruit other than grapes) and my favorite part…PHOTOBOOTH pics!!  Athleta stylists also helped us pair our new Bzees with their cozy fall staples, taking athleisure to the next level.

Proceeds from the evening also went back to the Autism Tree Project Foundation, making this fun night of mixing and mingling with other local bloggers even better too!…

San Diego Restaurant Week at The Smoking Goat

San Diego Restaurant is happening, now through Sunday, January 22nd!

Tuesday night, Kevin and I stepped out of our North County bubble and traveled down to The Smoking Goat in North Park for San Diego Restaurant Week. North Park has such a wide array of good restaurants, I just never seem to make the trek. For example, I’m pretty sure The Smoking Goat has been on my “to-try” restaurant list for the past 6-7 years, so I’m glad San Diego Restaurant Week gave me the chance.

The Smoking Goat is a French bistro with a rustic farmhouse vibe that definitely fits the San Diego food scene. The restaurant week menu provides a good representation of what The Smoking Goat normally serves, while only priced at $40 for 3-courses.

To start, we ordered the French Onion Soup with oxtail broth, crouton and Swiss gruyere and the Foie Gras Torchon with fig preserve and toast. The French Onion Soup had a flavor that was reminiscent of Thanksgiving (perhaps the flavor from the bay leaf?). And the Foie Gras did not disappoint since it’s one of my favorite things (and I don’t think I’ve had it since I studied abroad in Paris basically 7 years go!).

Our waiter was very knowledgeable and helped me select a Cotes du Rhone to pair with my entree, the Duck Confit. If you haven’t noticed a trend, duck is my absolute favorite! The Duck Confit was accompanied by a sweet potato-oyster mushroom hash, rapini and black truffle jus. And for Kev’s second course, he ordered the Compart Farms Duroc Pork Chop with potato-bacon gratin and braised kale. Both of our dishes were very moist and flavorful, and we completely devoured them.

This season, San Diego Restaurant Week partnered up with the Girl Scouts of America to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scout Cookies, so chef’s created dishes that incorporated this treat. We found this collaboration in the Chocolate Pot de Creme dessert that came with Girl Scout trefoils shortbread cookies and espresso cream. Of course we had to try one of each dessert, so we also ordered the Apple Cobbler with stone fruit and coconut-oat streusel.

Everything was absolutely top notch! One of my favorite things about San Diego Restaurant Week is that it makes me try new places. And through this format, we’ve always been able to sample a selection of dishes that leave us wanting to come back another time to try more.…