Consumers Care About What’s in their Food – So Should You!

Consumers Care About What’s in their Food – So Should You!

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the potential harm that artificial preservatives can inflict on the body, causing damage in ways that are not yet fully understood by science. Everyone has heard horror stories of preservatives preventing decomposition after death – that, due to all of the harsh chemicals present in the modern diet, corpses lie perfectly preserved for months or even years after being buried. It’s a stirring and disturbing image. Not only do stories like that recall monsters from folklore and movies, such as Dracula or Frankenstein (horrifying in themselves!), but undoubtedly those unnaturally preserved bodies can’t be very good for the environment, either. And one wonders whether modern phenomena like the prevalence of cancer is due to the unknown effects that these chemical preservatives might have on the cells in our bodies.

That’s why it’s important to explore alternatives that are found in nature, which stand much less chance of causing such horrific complications. Consumers want to be reassured that the products that go into their body are made out of natural materials that are unlikely to cause such serious problems with their systems. That’s why savvy manufacturers look for natural preservatives for the food industry, so that their consumers feel reassured about the origins and make-up of their food when they make a purchase. That way you can avoid potentially awkward associations with horrible monsters from the history of cinema, and instead get your consumers to focus on the taste, convenience, or nutritional benefits of your product.

But where do you find ingredients that will maintain the shelf life of your products without compromising on texture or taste, in addition to coming from naturally sourced materials? That can feel like a challenge, especially since a lot of the currently available offerings can seem underwhelming. You need to find a company, like Cambrian Solutions in Ontario, which globally sources their materials from a wide variety of advanced chemical innovators as well as maintains a research and development department to develop and test new offerings. That way you don’t have to worry that the claims of the high-tech raw ingredients manufacturing firm you have contacted in New Delhi are substantiated – that work has already been done for you. A good distribution company will also ensure that all of the products they carry have been tested thoroughly, so that there are absolutely no ambiguities when it comes to introducing them into recipes.

Not only will you feel better knowing that your products will have additives that are safe, effective, and which will have consistently reproducible effects, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy sourcing the materials when you let another company scour the world for ingredients. Hiring another company – like Cambrian Solutions, which has been providing solutions to manufacturers since 1995 – to do your sourcing for you, takes all of the headaches out of making progressive changes to your formulations. Because they have contacts with firms all over the world, as well as a detailed understanding of their offerings, they’re able to find ingredients that will match exactly with your needs. So when you finally decide to make a change in your recipes in order to stave off your customers’ fears of joining the living dead – you can do so as quickly and effectively as possible!…

Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

January 1st is the day most car dealers pivot from sales frenzy to the slow but important work of building up leads, following up on existing leads, and preparing for President’s Day sales that kick-off the busier spring season. But right now, you’re gearing up for the Christmas season to make sales. Christmas is an important season for all industries and the same goes for car dealers. It’s when your sales team is keen to boost its numbers and improve their bonuses, when you want to move old inventory off the lot for a fresh lineup of 2018 models, and when customers are buying.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of leads, even during busy season when it seems like the customers are piling through your doors. Car shopping is a more involved process than it ever has been, but much of the research and comparisons are going on without you. That is, unless you have a dealer chat that gets you in touch with shoppers during the research phase. Car buyers are doing the majority of their research online, including visiting third-party comparison sights and dealer websites.

The problem facing dealers now is successfully reaching out to shoppers when they’re in the research stage, looking online. It’s already too late to persuade shoppers when they arrive on your lot – according to statistics, the average number of dealers a car buyer visits before making a decision is less than two. One way marketing-savvy car dealers are gearing up for Christmas is by integrating their marketing strategy with dealer chat services from Gubagoo, a dealer chat solutions provider purpose-built for the auto market. Dealer chat should be more than just a live chat window on your website, it should be fully managed, open 24/7, integrated with your sales team via mobile app, and fully measured by your CRM. A dealer chat can also be used as part of any seasonal marketing campaign when it comes with the right technology.

Dealer Chat Publisher

Seasonal marketing is important to appeal to Christmas shoppers who are in the holiday spirit and looking for retailers offering Christmas deals. The dealer chat publisher from Gubagoo is a display ad on your website that shows all of your deals and offers, targeting visitors according to their behavior on your website. Use seasonal content and specials to appeal to seasonal car shoppers who will see them on the publisher.

Custom Dealer Chat Campaigns

Overflow calls are another important part of a dealer chat service, and Gubagoo offers custom campaign building for its partners. When someone calls your dealership, especially during the hectic Christmas season, there often isn’t time to pick up the phone. With a custom campaign, you can trust call center operators to push your priorities and products.


Imbue Your Home with Scent – EcoBrandsNow Aroma Diffusers {review & giveaway}

Imbue Your Home with Scent - EcoBrandsNow Aroma Diffusers {review & giveaway}
I have a long history of decorating with scent, though I haven’t always thought of it that way. I’ve done my time with pot pourri, incense, room sprays, and candles. More recently I caught on to scented wax warmers, and now a friend has started me on essential oils. I have a whole lot to learn there, particularly around the therapeutic benefits of different oils, but for now I have a couple of favourites driven mostly by my enjoyment of the aromas. I’m enjoying a mix of different scent approaches these days, leaving out only the pot pourri and incense 🙂

The latest addition to my collection is an aroma diffuser. It mixes essential oils with water and sends out bursts of scent in little puffs of mist to fill a room. My diffuser was sent to me by EcoBrandsNow, whose timing really couldn’t have been better, given that I’d just started my essential oil discoveries. I chose their “Julia” diffuser, in my favourite colour, . It sits on the corner of my desk, in my newly re-furbished office, helping this space to really feel like my special oasis. Julia is an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, designed by Fabian Zimmerli for Stadler Form.

My office is coming along nicely now. I can even use my desk again! Brightening the space up with some plants & my new aroma diffuser from Currently diffusing rosemary essential oils for stress & fatigue. Plus, it smells great 🙂 Diffuser review to come! . . . #RMBReno #essentialoils #aromatherapy #officedecor #limegreen #deskdecor

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EcoBrandsNow offers four different aroma diffusers, ranging in price from $69.99 – $174.99. The Julia retails for $139.99. All are available in a variety of colours to fit your decor and preference, and all are compact, taking up little space in your home, while offering a great scent experience.

Julia, in bronze, from their website.

I was attracted to the Julia because I loved the sleek lines and overall tapered shape, plus the incredibly long run time. It can scent your room for up to 53 hours when operating on the low setting in interval mode (10 minutes running, 20 minutes off). Even in continuous mode on high it still gets 12 hours of operating time. I also like that the unit turns off automatically when it runs out of water.

Julia is powered by an electrical cord, not batteries, so you do need an outlet, but don’t need to worry about running out of power. The unit has LED lights, which light up the mist when on. If the lights bother you, you can dim them or turn them off completely. Additionally, you operate the diffuser in “swing” mode, which disperses the mist while oscillating back and forth about 160 degrees. This helps to spread the aroma throughout your room.

I’m very happy with Julia. She’s quiet, she looks great, and she does a great job of bringing pleasant scents to my office space. Scent can really set a mood, for good or bad, and can affect your energy throughout the day. I like to diffuse a bright, clean scent to envigorate me while I’m working, and then something like lavender to help me (and Boo) to settle at night. Rosemary is my current favourite to diffuse while I’m at the computer. It is said to aid focus, mental clarity, and stress. I can attest that I love the scent and do feel more alert while using it.

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Lorna Jane Grand Opening Event Recap

Lorna Jane Grand Opening Event Recap

Last Friday my friend Devon and I went to the grand opening of Lorna Jane in La Jolla. We attended the “Intensity Training” class which proved to be, well, very intense! However, it wasn’t our favorite class as the teacher was high intensity but provided very low motivation.  Nonetheless, we managed to break a sweat and increase our heart rates in a short 30 minutes.


I also ran into Debbie from Live From La Quinta at the opening/workout class too!

I love the concept of the new store, being an “Active Living Room.” I think it’s a great marketing piece to offer free classes to get people in the door because you won’t be able to walk out without buying something!


All the girls at Lorna Jane were amazingly beautiful, Australian, super nice, and extremely helpful!  The girl who helped me was named Ashleigh too.  She had me trying on outfits I normally wouldn’t, but I ended up loving.  I wound up with 3 shirts and a pair of leggings (they were a gift with purchase).  Here’s what I snagged:


Team LJ Excel Tank // Barbey Excel Tank // LJ Halter Excel Tank // Everyday 7/8 Tight (similar here)

So far I’ve worn the Team LJ and Barbey Excel Tanks to run in, the LJ Halter Excel Tank to yoga sculpt, and the Everyday Tight for lounging!  Some of my favorite details include the unique backs of the tops (including the ones I selected), as well as the wide range of colors Lorna Jane has to offer!  I feel like all of the pieces are very versatile and can work for any sport, from yoga and running, to weights at the gym.

Disclaimer: Through my ambassadorship through Fit Approach I was compensated via a gift card for my use.  However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

New solutions that promise to make e-mail more productive from Google, Microsoft and IBM

New solutions that promise to make e-mail more productive from Google, Microsoft and IBM

New solutions that promise to make e-mail more productive from Google, Microsoft and IBM

Over the last few weeks, Google, Microsoft and IBM have released e-mail solutions that promise to make the flood of e-mail easier to manage.   Here are a few initial impressions:

Google Inbox
Google Inbox beta was launched a few weeks ago and consists of a new web interface and mobile app. I’ve been using it with my personal Gmail account which is my primary “personal” e-mail. I’ve always liked the “tabs” feature of Gmail which organized my e-mail into groups like Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates. Inbox has a similar feature to bundle similar e-mails albeit with a radically new user interface that leverages the new Google Material Design language. I like the ability to mark e-mails “Done” and swiping e-mail from the Inbox on a mobile device like my Nexus 7 tablet running Android 5 Lollipop.

Microsoft Clutter
Microsoft has released a wealth of new products lately as part of its shift from a “devices and services company” to a productivity company. They include: New Office for iPhone apps which are now free, even for editing, Delve and Office Graph search and discovery, Windows 10 tech preview, Microsoft Band (fitness tracker), Office Mix for Powerpoint, Sway content aggregation and presentation and finally Clutter intelligent e-mail. Similar to Inbox, Clutter promises to tame the inbox. It’s available now for Office 365 customers and I created this short video to show how to enable it (Clutter is disabled by default). The Outlook Web Access mobile client also supports Clutter, I’m looking forward to trying Delve (similar to Flipboard/Zite) when my Office 365 small business premium account is upgraded early next year.

IBM Verse
Announced on November 18, 2014 and shipping in 2015, IBM Verse is delivered via the cloud to both the web and mobile via a native client.   More than email, Verse leverages the power Watson to combine collaboration, social, analytics and e-mail into a single tool.…

Game Day Buffalo Chicken Dip

Game Day Buffalo Chicken Dip
I admit that I am a huge fan of dining on what I like to call “picky food.” And by that I don’t mean food for picky eaters, but that range of food you just pick up and eat with your fingers. Appetizers in general appeal to me. Nachos, wings, dips, olive trays, deep fried pickles – these are the things I would eat daily if it weren’t for the fact that these options aren’t always the healthiest, and I’m trying to encourage a healthier diet for me and my family. But everything in moderation, right?

Perhaps my favourite date night or girls’ night out includes heading to a pub and ordering a bunch of appetizers to share, along with a pitcher of beer. Yum. Which is why Sundays at our place during football season present the perfect opportunity to indulge. Appetizers, beer, and football. It’s a given combination.

We’ll be watching Super Bowl 50 this evening, naturally, and along with wings, and cold cuts, and assorted munchies, we’ll have a big bowl of this Buffalo Chicken Dip, served with tortilla chips and chunks of warm bread. It is so delicious, rich, and filling it’s almost a meal in itself. Might want to add a veggie though. Actually, you could dip some carrot or celery sticks in this too. I’ll be sure to add those to the spread.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

2 chicken breasts (to give about 2 cups)
1/2 cup wing sauce
1/8 cup Frank’s Red Hot
1/2 cup blue cheese dressing
2 cups grated cheddar
8 oz cream cheese

Poach the chicken breasts until cooked through. Let cool, then chop roughly. You will need about 2 cups.
Combine chopped chicken with the other ingredients in a medium casserole dish. Mix well.
Cook 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven, until top is bubbly and dip is lightly brown around the edges.
Serve warm with tortilla chips, slices of baguette, carrot sticks, celery sticks.
/Raising My Boys: Easy & Organic Rice and Grains for Your Busy Mealtimes #SeedsofChangeCA/

I often think about the “lazy days of summer,” but in reality I don’t think I really have very many truly lazy days. During the school year there’s school and work and lessons and early bed times. During the summer there’s work and outings and camps and generally a lot of running around and being more active and social. Basically, my family is always busy. And as we all know, that can be a problem when it comes to getting healthy, home-cooked meals on the table.

How many evenings do you find yourself resorting to pizza delivery or grabbing a prepared convenience food from the pantry or freezer? I prefer to keep things fresh and homemade, although sometimes I have to admit that’s not going to happen. But I worry about extra fat and sodium, and question some of the ingredients I can’t pronounce on many packaged foods. So I appreciate when I find a new product that provides the convenience I need with the healthy profile I desire.

Seeds of Change began as a small organic seed company in 1989 and has grown to produce a line of organic rice and grain blends. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and kept as simple as possible. New to our country, Seeds of Change is the only Certified Organic, ready-to-heat rice and grain brand available in Canada. It is available in 6 premium varieties, including Spanish, Caribbean, and Indian flavours, all of which are suitable for vegetarian diets. As well, Seeds of Change products contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and still …

Christianity Through the Eyes of a Pagan by Daniel Staver Jr

Christianity Through the Eyes of a Pagan by Daniel Staver JrToday I seen an assignment to write about Pagan views on Christianity., I have decided to give my opinion about my views on Christianity. I would like to clarify what religious back ground I come from, I am Wiccan technically I am Shaman. I chose this religious path because it is more open and I believe I can help people with herbal healing. So technically I am a shaman healer, I heal with plants, oils, massage, incense, and music. All of this can help some one feel better, repels negativity and makes me feel good when they are feeling better about things. My opinion on Christianity is that they need to loosen up some. We are not Satan worshipers, satanic worship is the opposite of Christianity, it has very little to do with pagan beliefs. For one thing Wiccans do not believe in Satan or hell. I think Christians need to think before they point fingers how many people have died in the name of Jesus and god ? I believe humans make mistakes and it only takes one wrong thing done by a leader to have a lot of things go the wrong way. The crusades is one thing I think should have never happened but it did and I believe a lot of people would change the way things went back then but it is to late. Personally I think Christians need to relax more be open minder and not condemn every one to hell because they don’t believe the exact same way you do. When I was younger I was forced to go to church, catholic and Lutheran schools. The only church I went to that didn’t remind me of a funeral was southern baptist. They know how to have a good time and still worship. If your happy to be alive and that god gave you this chance on his greatest creation then don’t mourn when your at church. Don’t sing the same crap hymnals that all the songs in it seem like a funeral march sing with emotion and enthusiasm. I think your gonna be surprised when you die and god ask you why did you mourn every time you went to church? What will you say? I just believe that Christians need to be more open to new things and not condemn before they know some one personally.
/Life Beyond Christianity /I remember the first time I openly mouthed what any Christian would declare as heresy. I was having a conversation with my sister-in-law, a somewhat fundamentalist Christian of Calvinist stock, about my changing attitudes towards traditional Christianity. She sensed I was challenging the basic premise that all Christians must accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior so when she openly asked, “Did I not still believe Jesus died for our sins and that we need to acknowledge this to be saved?” , without hardly a hesitation I said “No!”. She gasped and I must admit it kind of took me by surprise having finely confessed what I felt in my heart was true.

This was not an instantaneous transformation. Just a few years prior to this I was an active member of my Methodist congregation, having confessed my salvation before them and serving as a Chairman for several committees, including the Xmas toy store we put together every year for the local poor. I had also started the first jail ministry with this church and pursued it alone about half of the time for the 2 years it existed. I was an avowed “born-again” Christian based on an “awakening” I had in my …