Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?

Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?I found this to be an interesting topic. I wanted to know how others felt on the subject so I posted the question in my status on facebook and got enough replies to write a book on the subject.

Now the Bible does clearly state no sex before marriage or more specifically sex being permitted only within the marriage bond (I Corinthians 7:2). Something most of us have had a problem following, including myself.
“The foundation has already been laid. No sex before marriage (Ephesians 5:3), treat any lady with the same respect you would your sister and mother (1 Timothy 5:1-2), and keep your relationship with the Father first (Matthew 22:37),” states Logan from Charlotte, N.C.

That being said I can’t seem to find anything written declaring that dating is wrong for Christians to do. I mean maybe I missed those particular verses, but as far as I could find there is nothing stating dating is wrong.
“Truth be told there is no biblical model for dating. So to answer your first question is yes it is ok for christians to date. However you must set the ground rules before you began dating,” says Jeremie Nesmith of Jacksonville, Fla.
I also couldnt find any examples of dating going on in the bible either. But dating or courting as ya gramdma used to call it, is the getting to know each other stage. Dating is how you find out if you are compatible?
“The bottom line is anything that will lead to you getting all HOT and BOTHERED should not be done,” states Shelley David Wright of New Orleans, La.

Personally I think the problem is too many people mix up dating and sex. The two aren’t necessarily one and the same. Even if one is often a goal to the other for many!

“The word of God declares that the man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and receiveth favor from the Lord,” replies Adam Turnage of Washington D.C. “People need a vehicle and a format to determine what we’ve found, don’t we? We need a period of time to establish levels of intimacy. And there are many levels of intimacy in which there is no exchange of body fluids.”

The persons who usually say this to singles and the youth are usually married. It is much easier to tell folks to wait till they are married when you are married and have a healthy sex life. I could never get past that point personally at a teen and young adult. When I decided to take the conversation further and asked them how they got to know their helpmate? Or ask them were they virgins when they got married, they usually deverted the conversation else where.

My purpose for this article was to get people talking. I don’t think we do ourselves or our youth any justice by staying away from topics like this. I would really like to hear what everyone out there has to say on the subject!…

How Should Your Website Change as Your Business Increases in Size?

How Should Your Website Change as Your Business Increases in Size?

As your business grows in size and success, you’ll inevitably realise that your old website simply doesn’t cut it anymore. But this should come as no surprise, as a website should be considered an ever evolving tool that you use to promote your business online, as well as conduct business online. But how, exactly, should your website change as your business increases in size? Continue reading to learn more so your website always does the best job at increasing conversions and profits.

You May Need Better Hosting

One of the first ways that you’ll need to upgrade your website is by upgrading your web hosting plan. This is especially true if you purchase a plan that gave you only a small amount of storage and bandwidth initially. Now that your business has grown, you’ll likely need to add more content to your website, and that will require additional bandwidth and storage to ensure it will always run smoothly. Thankfully, getting more storage and bandwidth doesn’t have to break the bank, as there are plenty of cheap hosting options available that provide great quality at an affordable price. And it is also a good idea to choose a host that offers multiple packages, so you can stick with the same provider while upgrading your package whenever necessary to suit your needs.

Reinvent Your Branding

As your business grows, you’ll also want to reinvent your branding, and when you do, you’ll need to revamp your website in order to reflect that new branding. Always make it a point to keep your branding consistent and professional throughout every page on your website. The idea is to make your website, as well as your online presence overall, a reflection of your company, and branding will help you achieve that if you do it right.

Add a Blog If You Don’t Have One

If you don’t already have a blog associated with your site, you should consider adding one once your business grows and has proven itself. After all, you want to let customers know that you’re an expert in your field and you have a lot of experience that differentiates your company from so many others out there. One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a blog through a platform like WordPress and then posting evergreen content on a consistent basis with SEO in mind. If you need help, you can hire professional freelance writers to get the job done.

Build Your Email List

Finally, make sure you have an area of your website where customers can sign up for your email list. And to make sure you’re able to easily design and send out your emails to your list, you should invest in the right email service provider that will help you grow your customer base while making it simple for people to sign up.

As your business grows, you’ll want to let everyone know about how far you’ve come, and one of the best and easiest ways to do that is by scaling your website to reflect your success.…

Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian?To me being christian is being Christ-like. I have known a few people in my six decades of living who were truly Christ-like in words and deeds. God has set examples before me. I am blessed. Knowing that he hears my every thought and word and sees my every action, I know better than anyone how far I fall from the mark.

In my life I have had two missions that succeeded. Here at home some years ago my daughter and I helped run a Friday night youth group. Today the kids that were in that group see us in public and bless our hearts with their comments. Two of my favorite experiences with them happened at a local grocery store. A young woman ran up to me with her husband and newborn baby. She introduced me as the one who gave her the Bible that she read to them from. Another time a young man in the company of five or six other young men saw us from a distance and ran up, grabbing us and hugging us both. The group that he was with started taunting him and jeering at him. He turned to them and said, “These are my true friends. They love me.” Both times i cried.

My daughter and I also helped run a Tulsa Oklahoma Sunday morning food ministry. We would arrive at a United Pentecostal Church in North Tulsa with the back of our Suburban filled with food. Two church deacons would drive the church bus to the downtown mission and pick up homeless street people who attended morning services after which we served them lunch. We watched our new friends get jobs and apartments. We watched them as their lives changed. They thought they owed us thanks. Time and time again we explained that we served them. We owed them thanks for allowing us to have a part in their lives. We expressed to them that all thanks went to God.

I have been very close to God. Today I fall so short. Am I a christian. I am not Christ-like. I do love the Lord. I talk to him constantly. I take Christianity seriously. I believe that if any of us ever achieved Christ-like perfection that he would take us instantaneously out of here. I read my Bible and I have faith. I believe in miracles and have seen my share. I am so blessed that he loves me, and he hears me, and he answers me. I could not expect more.…

What laptops, smartphones and tablets do I use for work?

What laptops, smartphones and tablets do I use for work?

What laptops, smartphones and tablets do I use for work?

As a follow up to my earlier post on how I have my Apple iDevices configured, I thought I’d share details on the hardware I use for work:

Apple MacBook Pro (13 inch) my primary work laptop. When I work out of my home office, I connect my MacBook Pro to a 24″ external monitor and an external Apple keyboard. I have other Macs (MacBook, MacBook Air) that I use for testing as well as several Windows laptops and tablets that I use for testing

Apple iPhone 6 (64GB) is my primary work smartphone. I have several other smartphones that I use for testing.

Apple iPad Air 2 (64GB) is my primary work tablet. I have several other tablets (Nexus 7, HP Stream) that I use for testing.

Apple Watch is my primary smartwatch and I use it to read alerts, flip Microsoft Powerpoint slides and more.

Apple TV (Gen 3) is my primary streaming device since I use Apple products. I always keep an Apple TV in my work backpack. At home, I use an Apple TV Gen 4…


ChristianityOne day Christ was sharing his supper with his disciples. He was gave food to them and said, “Eat it. It is my body I am giving it to you”. Then he gave them grape juice and said, “ This is my blood, drink it. it will go on being shed for getting mercy for the sinners until human beings are redeemed”. This was his last supper.

He used to preach the lessons of love, kindness, mercy and brotherhood to the simple and illiterate people through small incidents and stories. He used to say, “You have a right only to love. Love your neighbor as your-self. Shun selfishness”.

Christ was fearless preacher. He knew that the authorities were becoming hostile to him. But he continued with his mission and said, “Sin is ruling the roost in this world. Satan is its ruler. All obey him. The rulers get saints killed. People do not follow the teachings of the learned and the priests. Good people have to suffer in this world. The pitcher of sin is full and is about to break. Then God’s rule will come. It will usher in all at once”.

The wheels of time were moving fast. Soldiers came to arrest him. He had three disciples with him at that time. Armed soldiers surrounded him. Peter his sword. Christ forbade saying, “Keep it in the sheath for whosoever will kill by sward will himself be killed by the sword”.

Looking towards the soldiers he said. “What was the need of these arms? Do not come to the church daily for preaching?”

He knew his future. He knew that the priests and the rules whom he was opposing would not let him live. But it made no difference in his sermons or his peace of mind. He used to say, “Anybody who can carry his own cross with him, can be my companion”.

False changes were leaved against him in the court. His opponents collected a crowd outside the court. They cried for capital punishment for him. The chief justice of the court asked the people, “ What crime has he committed? I do not find any”. But the crowd was crying, “Hang him on the cross”. The judge had to bow to the wishes of the people.

The death sentence was carried out. On his dead was kept the throne of thorns which wounded his head and blood gushed out onto his face. He was beaten with a thorny whip which wounded his entire body. A cross was put around shoulders. He was asked to walk out side the walls of Jerusalem. There a pole was dug and his hands and feet were nailed, nearby stood his sobbing mother, his mother’s sister and two other ladies. He was calm and composed throughout. He breathed his last during these violent rigors. It was Friday.

This sacrifice had a great impact on the world. Many Jews embrace Christianity.

Bible is the compilation of Christ’s teachings. Christ was a rock of confidence. His self-confidence and noble conduct were based on his infallible faith in God. He used to say “If you say with full confidence to a mountain to shift, it is impossible that it will not shift”.…

Four Tips for Dealing with or Avoiding Personal Injuries at Your Business

Four Tips for Dealing with or Avoiding Personal Injuries at Your Business

Personal injuries can happen to your employees in all sorts
of ways. Accidents can either result
from a catastrophic incident, like a
workplace accident, or can be the result of repeated harmful actions, like
a worker stooping over to pick something up without bending your knees.

In the latter case, there is often one distinct time that
the employee remembers bending over, like to pick up a pen that fell off her
desk, that she may think caused this injury.
But the real cause was her repeated improper movements that damaged
joints and vertebrae over the years.

Here are some tips to remember for not only avoiding
personal injuries in your business, but also for dealing with the consequences
of them once they have occurred.

  1.  Watch your Weight

There are many bad consequences associated with you or your
employees being
overweight. There is the added
strain on the heart that can result in circulation problems, high blood
pressure and stroke. Body chemistry
imbalances that can lead to diabetes.
Gall bladder diseases and gallstones, which often go together with rapid
weight gain. But another harmful effect
of obesity that isn’t as high on the list as others is the danger from

Being overweight puts additional stress on your joints,
because they are bending and stretching under unnatural strain. This condition, called Osteoarthritis, will
cause the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones, which cushion and
lubricate their movement, to wear down over time.

But the effects of Osteoarthritis can be reversed if an
employee loses the access weight that is the prime cause of it – if that weight
loss occurs before too much cartilage is destroyed. The process can actually reverse itself and
the body will replace cartilage if there is still enough to promote the
re-growth of this important tissue.

  1.  Look Where You’re Going

It may seem like a simple suggestion but because of, mostly,
our smartphones, you and your employees don’t pay much attention to where you’re
all going these days. Multi-tasking
while walking down the street is so commonplace that you don’t even much
notice that you’re doing it. Then a
simple little trip over a sidewalk crack can lead to terrible circumstances for
an employee and your business.

But if the employee doesn’t feel immediate ill effects from
the trip, he or she will probably carry on with nary a thought about what just

The next morning this worker wakes up with a swollen and
painful knee. But it still bends pretty
well, so he or she bears the pain and comes into work anyway. After all, the little trip suffered yesterday
certainly isn’t worth make a big deal out of, is it?

But a personal injury doesn’t have to be catastrophic to
merit arbitration under the law. Steven
Schwartzapfel, a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases at
explains, “Your injury doesn’t have to be catastrophic in order to cause
you real hardship. Even moderate injuries can disrupt your life and carry
considerable costs.”

That employee should have made an appointment with an
orthopedist and got that painful knee checked as soon as possible. If there’s damage it needs to fixed – before
the condition gets worse, and more expensive for the company’s insurance.

  1.  Be Careful with Social Media

If you’ve been injured in some way and are filing a personal
injury claim, you’ve got to be careful about what you post on social
media. It doesn’t matter if it’s
Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – be aware that anything that you post becomes
permanently available.

And it doesn’t matter if you delete …

Marking It Up: Keeping A Well Organized Warehouse Requires Proper Signage

The internet and advancement in digital communications has opened up the world to virtually any business. You no longer need to have a huge retail space or hundreds of staff to deal with each customer as they walk in.

But what you do need, if you are supplying a product, is a big warehouse.  In fact, many ‘First Mile’ facilities are now larger than 1 million Sq ft!

The Problem of a Big Warehouse

Unfortunately, having a big warehouse comes with problems of its own:

  • Stock Numbers – the sheer amount of stock which needs to be counted and processed properly.
  • Tracking – Huge quantities of stock will be entering and leaving the warehouse on a daily basis; it needs to be monitored properly to ensure you know what you have.
  • Organizing – Knowing what the computer says you have is no good if you don’t know where the items are.

Solving the Problem

In fact, stock numbers and tracking of stock can both be solved through the application of a god computer system.

When you are first starting out you may get away with using a software system which comes off the shelf. However, the larger you grow the more you will benefit from a specialized system. It will need to be integrated with your website and any physical premises you have; to ensure you have the right stock levels displayed at all times.

This will help to ensure happy customers and a .

But, perhaps more importantly; you must be able to verify these figures. A yearly stock take, or even a quarterly one, is not enough to be certain you have the product on your shelf. What you need is random stock takes undertaken by someone not normally processing warehouse material.

Of course, they then need to be able to find the products quickly; just as your warehouse staff will need to. This is where you need professionally designed warehouse aisle signs and templates.

Signs will ensure that anyone can put the stock away in the right place and can retrieve it quickly when needed by a customer or staff member.

Professional signs will also ensure your random stock takes can be completed in just a few minutes each day; even if the stock location is changed. The professional signs can easily be moved or adjusted via a template.

Small Warehouses are Not Exempt

Although the focus here is on large warehouses; it is important to be aware that small ones are not exempt. Whether you are offering business supplies, warehouse equipment or goods for the general public; you need to keep your stock signposted.

A well organized warehouse will allow you to check for any issues as well as dramatically improving productivity; no time is wasted looking for items.


Whether you have been operating a warehouse for years or are new to the business, the most important step you can take to improve your productivity, customer service and efficiency is to have high quality signage.

When you couple this with your stock monitoring system and can trust the results you can focus your efforts on building your business; not dealing with issues.

If your warehouse doesn’t have signs; then put some up today; you will be amazed at the difference it makes.…