Kitchener-Waterloo animation fest: Ontario festival dedicated to feature-length animation

From November 16 – 19, the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema will present “the best of feature animation from around the world.”

This festival, as the name indicates, is the only festival dedicated to feature-length animation. It shows many movies from around the world, that you’re not going to see at your local Mongoplex. Hopefully, that should ensure a minimum of wise-cracking animals in these films (although the little &$^%ers are pretty pernicious).

Kitchener-Waterloo animation fest: Ontario festival dedicated to feature-length animation

The 2006 edition of the festival will happen at the Gig Theatre (formerly the Hyland Cinema), on 30 Duke Street, in Kitchener. Tickets will be available online at, on Monday, October 16. Prices are $10 for adults, $6 for children under 12 or full-time high-school students (ID required). Full passes are $90 for adults, $60 for kids. Tickets are also available at the door for $12/$8.

The first 10 films have already been announced. They will play in their language of origin, with English subtitles:

Fimfarum 2 (Jan Balej/Aurel Klimt/Bretislav Pojar/Vlasta Pospilov, Czech Republic, 2006) — rated G

Fire Ball (Wang Toon, Taiwan, 2006) — rated PG

Origin: Spirits of the Past (Sugiyama Keiichi, Japan, 2006) — rated PG

Kirikou and the Wild Beasts (Michel Ocelot, France, 2005) — rated PG

Prince Vladimir (Yuri Kulakov, Russia, 2006) — rated AA

Pettson and Findus: Pettson’s Promise (Anders Sørensen/Jørgen Lerdam, Denmark, 2005) — rated G

Princes et Princesses (Princes and Princesses); (Michel Ocelot, France, 2000) — rated G

Princess (Anders Morgenthaler, Denmark, 2006) — rated R

Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles (Dong-Wook Lee/Tommy Yune, U.S.A., 2006) — rated PG

Shisha no Sho (Book of the Dead); (Kawamoto Kihachiro, Japan, 2005) — rated AA

The festival will release the full 2006 program on November 1.…

Sven and Foreign Investor at City

Eriksson to Manage at Manchester City in Takeover by Former Thai PM

After many months of negotiation look set to be the next English Premier League club to be taken over with foreign investment. Different bids had been proposed but with the group fronted by former Manchester City player, Ray Ransome, dropping out of the bidding, the way now looks clear for the bid by former Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. He has lodged a formal bid for City and it is expected that an announcement confirming the Thai takeover could be made within the next few days.

Sven and Foreign Investor at City

Shinawatra was involved in detailed negotiations for Liverpool Football Club just over a year ago but these failed to materialize with doubts about the source of his financial wealth. Similar doubts are again being expressed with the Thai authorities intending to investigate the source of the funds being used for this takeover bid. He has had £830 million of his assets frozen in Thailand as the authorities investigate possible corruption charges. The former Thai Prime Minister claims that this investment is using funds he had set aside for his family.

New Manager Required:

While negotiating to takeover the club further preparations for the new season have been taking place. With Manchester City sacking their manager, Stuart Pearce, at the end of the season, an immediate appointment will be the first priority of any new regime. With that in mind a number of high profile managers have come under consideration.

Initially, it was thought that the early departure of Sam Allardyce from Bolton Wanderers before the end of the season was indicative of his desire to take charge at the City of Manchester Stadium. However, he has now been installed at Newcastle United and City are thought to have considered Juande Ramos, the manager of Sevilla’s UEFA Cup winning team, Co Adriaanse the coach of AZ Alkmaar and Mark Hughes, the manager of Blackburn Rovers.

The former England coach, Sven Goran Eriksson, now appears to be the favourite to take up the position, once the takeover negotiations have been completed. Eriksson who relinquished the England post at the end of last summer’s World Cup in Germany when England lost on penalties to Portugal, has been receiving payment from the Football Association for the past year as part of his compensation package.

Eriksson’s Club Record:

Sven Goran Eriksson took over as England Coach in January 2001, having managed Lazio to the Italian League and Cup double in 2000. While he failed to achieve success with England in the finals of the World Cup or European Championships, Eriksson had a very successful coaching career in club football prior to his appointment with the national side.

He had League and Cup success in Sweden with IFK Gothenburg in his first appointment and also took them to UEFA Cup victory in 1982. He then went to Portugal with Benfica who also achieved League and Cup success during his two season in charge.

He then had his first experience in Italian football with AS Roma who won the Italian Cup during his three years there. Two seasons at AC Fiorentina brought no silverware but a return to Benfica was rewarded with a further League Championship. Returning to Italy he won the Italian Cup with Sampdoria and then had a very successful period at Lazio including domestic and European success.

The views of English fans on Eriksson are rather dulled by his time as England coach but Manchester City are getting a coach who has achieved considerable success in club football, winning fourteen trophies in three different countries, and …

The FBI Investigates…Itself? The USA allows the looting of art and artifacts in a Baghdad Museum

In April 2003, the United States invaded Baghdad and failed to provide security to the Iraq Museum that housed some of art history’s greatest treasures. There was no surprise that this cultural looting would happen.

The FBI Investigates...Itself? The USA allows the looting of art and artifacts in a Baghdad Museum

The US government had been threatening to invade Iraq since September 11, 2001. Art historians, curators, and other arts professionals had asked the US government to protect the repository of the Cradle of Civilization. The US government had responded positively that the Iraq Museum would be protected, but did absolutely nothing to follow through on this promise.

Following the invasion of Iraq, over 50,000 works of art and antiquities were stolen from the Iraq Museum, some dating back as far as 5,000 years. What’s more, the entire museum card catalog was destroyed, so that there is no record of all of the art and artifacts that were lost. We will never know what we lost as a world community over those chaotic first days of the new Baghdad.

And now…the crime of the looting of the Museum of Iraq is being investigated by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Does anyone else see the irony here? If you check out their site, there is only a bare minimum of description as to the artwork that was taken. Of the 50,000 historical items taken, they only have an image of one piece. There is not even a link to other sites that have made an attempt to put together images of missing artworks, such as the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Want more irony? If you look at the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted People, you can see several pictures of the wanted suspects with age-altered photos as well.

You could make the argument that the 10 Most Wanted people are more important to picture because they could also be out there committing other crimes. Stolen works of art are not criminals, BUT webspace is cheap and I think if the FBI is supposed to be a part of the investigation (Interpol is involved also), they should go all out and include photos of the stolen artwork, or at least links to other places that show pictures. By neglecting to beef up this part of their site, the FBI sends the message that art crimes are not really a priority.…

Boys And Groceries

Boys And Groceries

Monday night my bf was going to get home before me, so we decided I would email him a grocery list and he would stop by Whole Foods. Originally, I was going to add “Japanese yams” to the list because I was running low, but decided against that because I figured I would just end up with regular potatoes instead.

I didn’t think the list was too complicated. I mean, we were only making tacos(/taco salad for me)!


Well, low and behold, I deemed this to be THE WORST dinner of my life. Why? Because everything was absolutely wrong. First of all, the romaine– I mean, I had to cut and wash it, when really, I just wanted pre-packaged, triple-washed, ready-to-go romaine! Number two, the corn was not roasted. It was regular, sweet yellow corn. And last but not least, the beans were REFRIED. PRE-DIGESTED BEANS! In my salad!!!

Ok, so I wasn’t really upset, but I was in total disbelief with how wrong this list had gone. We joked that I would be 80 and complaining, “YOU RUINED MY LIFE WITH THOSE REFRIED BEANS.”

And you know what, even though those beans added a big lump of mush to my salad, they actually balanced out the spicy guac with their utter-blandness.


hers: healthy(?) taco(?) salad


his: titled “people who don’t give a shit about food”

Same dinner, two completely different plates and ingredients.  Boys and groceries……

Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?

Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?I found this to be an interesting topic. I wanted to know how others felt on the subject so I posted the question in my status on facebook and got enough replies to write a book on the subject.

Now the Bible does clearly state no sex before marriage or more specifically sex being permitted only within the marriage bond (I Corinthians 7:2). Something most of us have had a problem following, including myself.
“The foundation has already been laid. No sex before marriage (Ephesians 5:3), treat any lady with the same respect you would your sister and mother (1 Timothy 5:1-2), and keep your relationship with the Father first (Matthew 22:37),” states Logan from Charlotte, N.C.

That being said I can’t seem to find anything written declaring that dating is wrong for Christians to do. I mean maybe I missed those particular verses, but as far as I could find there is nothing stating dating is wrong.
“Truth be told there is no biblical model for dating. So to answer your first question is yes it is ok for christians to date. However you must set the ground rules before you began dating,” says Jeremie Nesmith of Jacksonville, Fla.
I also couldnt find any examples of dating going on in the bible either. But dating or courting as ya gramdma used to call it, is the getting to know each other stage. Dating is how you find out if you are compatible?
“The bottom line is anything that will lead to you getting all HOT and BOTHERED should not be done,” states Shelley David Wright of New Orleans, La.

Personally I think the problem is too many people mix up dating and sex. The two aren’t necessarily one and the same. Even if one is often a goal to the other for many!

“The word of God declares that the man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and receiveth favor from the Lord,” replies Adam Turnage of Washington D.C. “People need a vehicle and a format to determine what we’ve found, don’t we? We need a period of time to establish levels of intimacy. And there are many levels of intimacy in which there is no exchange of body fluids.”

The persons who usually say this to singles and the youth are usually married. It is much easier to tell folks to wait till they are married when you are married and have a healthy sex life. I could never get past that point personally at a teen and young adult. When I decided to take the conversation further and asked them how they got to know their helpmate? Or ask them were they virgins when they got married, they usually deverted the conversation else where.

My purpose for this article was to get people talking. I don’t think we do ourselves or our youth any justice by staying away from topics like this. I would really like to hear what everyone out there has to say on the subject!…

How Should Your Website Change as Your Business Increases in Size?

How Should Your Website Change as Your Business Increases in Size?

As your business grows in size and success, you’ll inevitably realise that your old website simply doesn’t cut it anymore. But this should come as no surprise, as a website should be considered an ever evolving tool that you use to promote your business online, as well as conduct business online. But how, exactly, should your website change as your business increases in size? Continue reading to learn more so your website always does the best job at increasing conversions and profits.

You May Need Better Hosting

One of the first ways that you’ll need to upgrade your website is by upgrading your web hosting plan. This is especially true if you purchase a plan that gave you only a small amount of storage and bandwidth initially. Now that your business has grown, you’ll likely need to add more content to your website, and that will require additional bandwidth and storage to ensure it will always run smoothly. Thankfully, getting more storage and bandwidth doesn’t have to break the bank, as there are plenty of cheap hosting options available that provide great quality at an affordable price. And it is also a good idea to choose a host that offers multiple packages, so you can stick with the same provider while upgrading your package whenever necessary to suit your needs.

Reinvent Your Branding

As your business grows, you’ll also want to reinvent your branding, and when you do, you’ll need to revamp your website in order to reflect that new branding. Always make it a point to keep your branding consistent and professional throughout every page on your website. The idea is to make your website, as well as your online presence overall, a reflection of your company, and branding will help you achieve that if you do it right.

Add a Blog If You Don’t Have One

If you don’t already have a blog associated with your site, you should consider adding one once your business grows and has proven itself. After all, you want to let customers know that you’re an expert in your field and you have a lot of experience that differentiates your company from so many others out there. One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a blog through a platform like WordPress and then posting evergreen content on a consistent basis with SEO in mind. If you need help, you can hire professional freelance writers to get the job done.

Build Your Email List

Finally, make sure you have an area of your website where customers can sign up for your email list. And to make sure you’re able to easily design and send out your emails to your list, you should invest in the right email service provider that will help you grow your customer base while making it simple for people to sign up.

As your business grows, you’ll want to let everyone know about how far you’ve come, and one of the best and easiest ways to do that is by scaling your website to reflect your success.…

Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian?To me being christian is being Christ-like. I have known a few people in my six decades of living who were truly Christ-like in words and deeds. God has set examples before me. I am blessed. Knowing that he hears my every thought and word and sees my every action, I know better than anyone how far I fall from the mark.

In my life I have had two missions that succeeded. Here at home some years ago my daughter and I helped run a Friday night youth group. Today the kids that were in that group see us in public and bless our hearts with their comments. Two of my favorite experiences with them happened at a local grocery store. A young woman ran up to me with her husband and newborn baby. She introduced me as the one who gave her the Bible that she read to them from. Another time a young man in the company of five or six other young men saw us from a distance and ran up, grabbing us and hugging us both. The group that he was with started taunting him and jeering at him. He turned to them and said, “These are my true friends. They love me.” Both times i cried.

My daughter and I also helped run a Tulsa Oklahoma Sunday morning food ministry. We would arrive at a United Pentecostal Church in North Tulsa with the back of our Suburban filled with food. Two church deacons would drive the church bus to the downtown mission and pick up homeless street people who attended morning services after which we served them lunch. We watched our new friends get jobs and apartments. We watched them as their lives changed. They thought they owed us thanks. Time and time again we explained that we served them. We owed them thanks for allowing us to have a part in their lives. We expressed to them that all thanks went to God.

I have been very close to God. Today I fall so short. Am I a christian. I am not Christ-like. I do love the Lord. I talk to him constantly. I take Christianity seriously. I believe that if any of us ever achieved Christ-like perfection that he would take us instantaneously out of here. I read my Bible and I have faith. I believe in miracles and have seen my share. I am so blessed that he loves me, and he hears me, and he answers me. I could not expect more.…