The Encinitas Mile: March – Thing Two

The Encinitas Mile: March - Thing Two

A mile is hard to recap because it’s basically over before it even starts.  The morning of I didn’t know why I thought it would be fun to run a mile.  I was really nervous before the start, because it’s just so short, and right out of the gate you have to go fast.  But I just hoped adrenaline would carry me for the entire mile.

There were several different heats — kids’, under 18, masters, elite women, open women, open men, elite men and dog mile.  My heat didn’t start until 9am.  I arrived around 8:30am and parking was seamless in the .  I walked over around 8:40am, and my extent of warming up was running to the bathroom…

I started off fast and when I looked at my watch I was around a 5:30 pace. I knew this was waaay too fast, so I held back and settled into a pace even though I felt like everyone else was going to pass me.  The first quarter mile to the half mile was probably the hardest and seemingly longest.

After the turn-around things got a little easier and I stopped looking at my watch.  I hung behind this one girl in a neon shirt until I decided I could pass her. Originally, I was just going to let her pull me because the next girl seemed a little bit too far ahead to chase.  However, as the race would have it, I was able to catch up to the next girl and pass her around the last 400m mark.  At this point I just ran as hard as a could.


When I crossed the finish line my chest just hurt. I kept checking my spit to make sure there wasn’t any blood in it, because that’s how bad it hurt!  The mile is the shortest race I’ve ever run, but it definitely hurt the most!

I ended up with 6:09.4, 10th in the open women’s and 41 overall (there were about 300 people total).  Although I didn’t prepare for this race in any way, I achieved my goal of pushing myself to my limits and seeing how fast I could run one mile.  I’m not sure how I feel about racing one mile in general, but I could seeing it as a using it for a potential benchmark race next year.…

Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google’s webmaster tools can help get websites noticed and drive new Internet sales leads. Google’s tools for webmasters continue to expand, as they keep introducing new resources. Small business websites benefit from professional details that help optimize websites for search engines. Google seems like a good place to go for help with website search engine optimization (SEO), because they’re the largest search engine in the world. It just makes sense to have a small business website that complies with what they want.

The Newest Google Webmaster Tools Provide Detailed Website Information

Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google webmaster tools for business website development include improving website visibility in search results, increasing traffic to a small business website and viewing information about internal and external website links. The links area of Google webmaster tools lets users see what external websites are linking to a website, and which website pages have internal links to other pages on a website. It’s a dynamic tool that can help insurance agencies and companies organize and plan for their website needs.

Google Webmaster Tools Include Site Diagnostics

Site diagnostics in Google webmaster tools lets website owners know if there are any problems or errors with their website. Errors with Meta tags or problems with content might mean that Googlebot cannot index a website. Googlebot, the automated crawler that Google uses to find websites and place them in search results, needs websites that are error-free to get indexed and properly placed in search engine results.

Using Google AdSense on a Small Business Website

Google AdSense provides small business owners with revenue generated through click-through ads. Insurance companies and agencies have to ask themselves whether Google AdSense is right for their small business websites. The bonus is that users may make enough money to pay for web hosting costs – or more. The downside is that even with selecting specific types of ads to appear on a website, if requested ads are not available, Google will revert to different ads that might be insurance agency competitors. Webmasters can reduce or avoid this problem by only using static Google AdSense ads for specific, non-competing companies on small business websites.

Google Statistics Help Small Business Website Owners Understand Traffic

Google statistics offer users information about who is visiting a small business website. For example, top search queries include the top queries used to find a website in Google. Small business website owners can view information about search queries and click-throughs that led users to the website using the Google statistics tool.

Google AdWords Brings Internet Sales Leads to Small Business Websites

Google AdWords allows small business website owners to drive more Internet sales leads to their website. The fee-based program includes ad placement that will help pull in qualified Internet sales leads in a way that’s relevant and easy to maintain. Even without the paid tools, the free Google AdWords keywords tool can help experienced SEO experts drive targeted customers to their insurance company website. The Google Adwords keywords tool provides information about what qualified Internet sales leads are looking for online, and allows users to see trending in keywords used.

In addition to Google’s webmaster tools, there are a number of free small business website resources available online. They can be used to help drive traffic and qualified internet sales leads to an insurance agency or company website. More advanced SEO will require the use of a professional to help guide a small business website to top search engine rankings that attracted qualified internet sales leads.…

Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

A detailed inventory of items destroyed, lost or damaged is often required in order to recoup losses. To save time and money, every business and home owner should consider documenting precious items.

“A typical inventory will record assets with image documentation and an itemized catalogue,” explains Cindy Hartman, owner of the Indianapolis-based Hartman Inventory, Inc. “It’s important to begin with an assessment. Aside of computers, desks, and televisions, consider other items that are unique or critical to the work your employees do or to your home life.”

Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

Disasters – In the face of fire, theft, tornado or other disaster, a property inventory will provide detailed documentation, which will ease the claims process. You’ll recover faster, and according to the Insurance Information Institute, usually with a higher settlement.

Moving – Moving is a terrific time to create an inventory. Listing model and serial numbers will be easier while packing those items. Hartman recommends doing an inventory while packing if working with a moving company. Otherwise, take stock when unpacking.

Storage – Self-storage units are a main target of burglars. Professional burglars know the right people to get the right access code and know that 24-hour guards don’t exist on premise. They can easily get in and out of a storage unit long before police arrive.

Financial Planning – Imagine planning for the future, making sound investments, and suddenly, your home or business is destroyed. Will you recover sufficiently? Will you be forced to dip into your retirement plans? Consider a lower estate value because of diminished investments. An inventory of the contents of your home or business can keep your financial future safe.

Estate Planning and Settlement – Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough. It becomes even more difficult when they’re forced to go through your belongings in order to produce a list of assets so your final will can be executed. An inventory will save them from this additional emotional turmoil.

Divorce – On this subject, Hartman says, “When splitting up a household, some couples want to know the value of their belongings so they can be sure to receive equitable settlements. If one of the spouses owns their own business, an inventory of the assets of the company will be extremely important.”

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – Protect sentimental items and family heirlooms through an inventory prior to joining two households together.

Proof of Uninsured Losses – Many home and business owners in the mid-west didn’t have flood insurance before their homes were swept away with heavy rains. Many of those home and business owners didn’t need flood insurance. And yet, the federal government requires documentation to support the uninsured losses deducted on 1040 tax returns for 2008.

You may not be able to stop the coming storm, but wtih a home or business inventory, you can get back on track quickly, with peace of mind.…

Locating Legitimate Credit Counseling Services: What to Look for when Seeking Help to Get out of Debt

As a result of the economic conditions, many individuals and families find themselves in need of credit counseling or credit repair help. However, before soliciting the help of any credit repair company, it is wise to check and make sure the company is legitimate. Below are a few things to look for when searching for credit counseling.

Locating Legitimate Credit Counseling Services: What to Look for when Seeking Help to Get out of Debt

Review the Credit Counseling Company Fee Structure

Legitimate credit repair companies do not charge very much for their services. Many of them offer services for free while others charge a nominal monthly fee. If a credit repair company requires a hefty downpayment in order to review and repair credit, more than likely the company is not legitimate.

Detect Unfounded Credit Repair Claims

Unscrupulous credit repair companies make claims that they can completely repair credit, remove bankruptcies, increased the credit score without damage. The credit repair process naturally takes time. The better the payments over time the better the credit score. However, individuals who are desperate to repair credit sometimes allow their desperation to guide them to buy into such programs only to later regret the investment. If a company makes hard-to-believe claims, there is a good chance that the company is not a legitimate company

Contact Regulatory Agencies

There are several agencies to visit to check the legitimacy of a credit repair company. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is an accredited organization with member associates throughout the United States. NFCC members must be re-accredited every four years. In addition to credit card repair services they offer debt counseling services and more. Visit their website to locate member organizations

Check the Credit Counseling Company’s License

It’s important to confirm that the credit repair company has a valid license. To do this, visit the appropriate state’s Attorney General Office. The Office of the Attorney General keeps track of business licensing. If the licensing information is not accessible over the web, call the office; explain the situation and request additional information on local credit repair companies.

After checking the validity of the license, contact the local Better Business Bureau to see the complaint history. Having a complaint does not mean the company is not legitimate. Sometimes unfounded complaints are filed. However, do your homework to see how many complaints have been filed in the past year or so and see how they were resolved. If the credit counseling company appears to have several complaints all alleging the same thing, it’s time to look for another company.

Report Scam Credit Repair Companies

If after performing a due diligence on a credit counseling company only to find that the company is not legitimate and they are perpetrating a scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a report. The FTC takes such reports seriously as they are doing all they can to crack down on unscrupulous companies that take advantage of people seeking financial help.…

Calculate Scrap Gold Price Per Pennyweight: How to Value the Dwt Price of Gold Jewelry and Dental Scrap

To find the scrap gold price per pennyweight of gold jewelry or dental gold scrap one intends to sell to a pawn shop, jeweller, or other scrap gold buyer, and to determine the value of the scrap gold based on gold’s current spot price, follow these easy steps. The calculation method described here is for one piece or lot of scrap gold of the same karat measurement. Note that the abbreviation dwt stands for pennyweight in the instructions below.

Calculate Scrap Gold Price Per Pennyweight: How to Value the Dwt Price of Gold Jewelry and Dental Scrap

Find Today’s Gold Price

Check the metal markets online or in the newspaper to find the current price of gold, which is measured in troy ounces. Depending on when you check, the gold price may be just a few hundred dollars or may be over $1,000 U.S.

Convert the Gold Price to DWT (Pennyweight) Units

A single troy ounce is equal to 20 dwt of gold. If today’s gold price is $1,000, then a pennyweight of gold equals 1/20 of $1,000, which is $50.

$50 is the scrap gold price per pennyweight – if the scrap were pure 24k gold bullion, that is. Scrap gold needs additional calculations, because it is not 100 percent pure gold, but made up of base metals, too.

Find How Much the Scrap Gold Weighs in Pennyweight

Sort the scrap gold jewelry and other gold into karat units. Pennyweight scales measure in dwt units. If a pennyweight scale is available, weigh all 10k gold together, 12k gold together, 14k gold together, and 18k gold together to find the pennyweight in dwt units. Or if there is the less common 9K gold or 22k gold scrap or other units, place those together, too. If a gram scale is all there is, weigh the scrap gold in grams and then convert grams to pennyweight – 1 gram equals .643 dwt.

As an example, say the scrap gold is 14k, and weighs exactly 1 pennyweight.

Factor in the Karat Purity to Get the Value of the Pennyweight of Gold

To get the purity of the scrap gold, divide the karat number by 24. With the example of 14k gold, divide 14 by 24 to get .583. This number is the percentage of the gold alloy that is pure gold. (As another example, if the gold were 9k, then one would calculate the gold purity as 9 divided by 24, or .375.)

Multiply the 1 pennyweight gold (14k) by .583. The answer is easy in this example – .583. The pretend sample of scrap gold is 58.3 percent pure gold.

Multiply .583 times the scrap gold price per pennyweight in the example, which is $50. The answer is $29.15.

Thus, $29.15 U.S. would be the actual scrap gold price for one pennyweight of 14k gold when the price of gold is $1,000 US per troy ounce (or $50 per pennyweight).

For people in Canada, the UK, Australia, and other countries, convert the dollars to the respective country’s currency.

Scrap Gold Price Per Pennyweight Reveals the Spot Price of Scrap Gold on the Open Market

Troy ounces, grams, and pennyweight are common measurement units for weighing gold. “Dwt price” refers to the price of gold when weighed in pennyweight units. The scrap gold price per pennyweight is based on the current price of gold, the percentage of gold in the alloy, and the weight of the gold.…

Avoiding the Freshman 15: College Freshman Fifteen Facts

As if stressing out over grades, and obsessing over that cute co-ed weren’t bad enough, many college freshman have one more thing to worry about: gaining weight. While this phenomenon is often called the “Freshman 15” (a reference to gaining 15 pounds during the first year of college), in reality, students can gain five 20, or even more pounds. But plenty of freshmen manage to maintain or even lose weight while in college. How? By understanding the diet-busting dangers and learning how to avoid them.

Avoiding the Freshman 15: College Freshman Fifteen Facts

Why does the freshman fifteen happen in the first place?

Usually because college students have a lot more opportunity to eat (and overeat!) than they are used to.

Culprit: Cafeteria. Being on a college’s cafeteria plan usually means that having one healthy salad costs the same as having two burgers, a side of fries, and a . Also, students often socialize in the cafeteria, slowly munching away the entire time they are there. In other words, it’s easy to go overboard on calories. Solution: Control portion sizes. There is no need to try a bit of everything in sight. Those food options will be there again soon enough. Choose low-calorie filling options like water, salad, and fruit as dessert.

Culprit: Late-night cramming sessions. There’s something about the stress and darkness that just begs for fattening comfort foods like pizza, chicken wings, or at least a double mocha. Solution: Students should study where they can’t eat, like the library. Don’t wait until the last minute, either… stress loves food. In other words, practicing good study habits not only translates to good grades, but helps keep off the freshman 15.

Culprit: Social events. Free food draws people, and there’s often a lot of free fatty food to be had at everything from extracurricular club meetings to parties. Solution: Eat beforehand. Starved people are much more likely to overeat. There’s no need to deprive oneself completely – staring down all that party food is stressful at best and leads to binging at worst. Instead, people should come to parties with a plan: choose one or two of your favorite treats, and then limit yourself to a certain quantity (“I will only have one slice of pizza” or “Half a cupcake and seven tortilla chips – that’s it!”) Without a plan, it is too easy to keep walking by the snack table all night long, nibbling one’s way to excess calories.

Culprit: Snacking on the run. Building snacks into the day can be a smart dieting technique, if people choose low-calorie, high-nutrient snacks. Problem is, it’s easy to do just the opposite. Solution: People who like or need to snack should carry around healthy snacking options (think nuts, yogurt, carrots or soy crisps) so they won’t be tempted by all those not-so-healthy selections like chips, snack cakes and sugary drinks.

Culprit: Drinking calories. Solution: A calorie is a precious thing to waste, but too many college students end up downing hundreds of calories in sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks, smoothies and even juice drinks. Choose flavored water, herbal teas and skim milk instead.

Culprit: Laziness. Solution: Most college campuses offer a variety of different ways to move one’s body, from jogging trails to gyms to intramural and club sports to just walking from the dorm to class to the library. Take advantage of the opportunity to burn those calories. Students who feel too tired to exercise should examine their life and figure out what’s out of balance. Cut back on the partying, but don’t skimp on exercise!

Students who follow these tips won’t have to worry about how …

How to Grow a Pico de Gallo Garden: Gardeners Enjoy a Taste of Summer All Summer With This Salsa Garden

Pico de gallo, literally “rooster’s beak” in Spanish, is a popular Mexican dish that can be as hot as the summer sun or as cool as a glass of iced lemonade. Gardeners can settle on the recipe and plant their rows accordingly.

How to Grow a Pico de Gallo Garden: Gardeners Enjoy a Taste of Summer All Summer With This Salsa Garden

Why Grow a Pico de Gallo Garden?

Gardening with a theme is a fun way to anticipate the taste of the harvest. With a delicious recipe in mind, gardeners are also sure to put every last bit of their produce to good use.

Most gardeners have a mile-long list of herbs and vegetables they’d love to plant. Unfortunately, limited space is usually at odds with these goals. Instead of throwing together a haphazard mishmash of produce, some gardeners utilize all their space for one purpose. Salsa gardens, and pico de gallo gardens in particular, are good examples of this.

What to Plant in the Pico de Gallo Garden

The most abundant ingredient in pico de gallo is the sun-ripened tomato. True salsa connoisseurs claim pico de gallo is only at its best when made with garden-fresh tomatoes.

Next, gardeners will need to plant some white onions. If gardeners want to taste their pico de gallo throughout the summer, they’ll need to either start their onion seeds in the previous fall or plant seedlings.

The characteristic spiciness of pico de gallo usually comes from the fiery jalapeno pepper. Gardeners who prefer their salsa mild may decide to leave these peppers out of the patch altogether, but the gardeners who like a kick to their salsa may want an extra row.

Last but certainly not least comes the savory herb cilantro. This herb’s recognizable taste and aroma feature in many popular Latin dishes. Because cilantro goes to seed nearly every three weeks, gardeners will need to keep up with harvesting and planting to ensure a steady supply throughout the summer.

Pico de Gallo Recipe

Once the garden is producing, whipping up a cool dish of pico de gallo is only a few minutes of dicing away. Gardeners can harvest what they need and head to the kitchen to start the preparation.

Here is a ratio of garden ingredients that will combine to make a scrumptious bowl of salsa for the whole family.

  • 4 tomatoes finely chopped
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 2 jalapeno peppers (more or less to taste)
  • ½ cup diced cilantro (more or less to taste)
  • ¼ cup water
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Pinch of garlic powder
  • Sprinkle of salt and pepper

If gardeners have a cucumber or radish on hand from another garden patch, these are sure to add extra flare to the recipe.

Once the ingredients are combined in a bowl, gardeners can toss them together and chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes. The fruits of their labor are excellent served with tortilla chips or over a bed of brown rice.…