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Home Messages from the Heart of Our Mother - A book written by Fr. Robert J. Fox, on urgent messages from Heaven for the world.  Messages from the Virgin Mary received through interior locutions to  "little mary".  Artwork of the cover called "Our Mother of the Word" painted by artist Mark Sanislo.

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Click for more info Fr. Robert J. FoxNew book by Fr. Robert J. Fox, a book that contains messages from Jesus and the Mother of God. They areClick to Order Messages from the Heart of our Mother book Urgent Messages from Heaven intended for the world, and are know at last in book form.

It took Fr. Robert J. Fox three years to assemble the messages and write the commentaries.

The title is: "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother". The author/compiler was in frequent contact with the recipient the past three years to make this book possible.

A woman known as “Little Mary” has been receiving these heavenly messages since 1995.

In the early stages of the messages, Little Mary and her pastor/spiritual director met with a diocesan committee. It found nothing wrong with the messages.

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The name of the parish to which Little Mary belongs is not mentioned or even where she lives. The name of her priest spiritual director is not given, nor the diocese. This is to protect her and her family.

People can get very excited and not realize what they are doing to oFr. Robert J. Fox and little marythers whom God may have used or is using in a special way.

The style of the heavenly messages and the speaking and writing patterns of Little Mary herself are different.

In the compiler’s judgment, and many others, including priests, religious and laity, the messages are not Little Mary’s. They are: Messages from the Heart of Our Mother.

Our Blessed Mother and Jesus gave these messages with a note of urgency, stressing they are for the world.

The Blessed Mother uses a certain style directed to all. As a good Mother, she desires to have her messages touch each and every one of her children.

The crisis in the family today, in the Church, in the world—all are dealt with in this remarkable, readable book.

Category:  Prayer - Religion
Published: Fatima Family Apostolate ( Non-Profit)
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 399 Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 10 L x 7 W x 1 H
Weight: 1.875 lbs Price: $17.00
Publisher Official Website:

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother

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"Our Mother of the Word"  was specialty designed for the cover of this book.
It's an original painting created by renowned artist Mark Sanislo

Mark Sanislo Portrait Artist

Art by Mark Sanislo

It seems the time is ripe for a new springtime for Jesus and Mary in this country and throughout the world.

While there are many reports of Marian messages, and messengers, we must be cautious to discern their authenticity.

Marian devotion is returning to Catholic life. The balance in Marian devotions, which the Second Vatican Council called for is in order.

Authenticity will always require in the first place that the messages be in harmony with Sacred Scripture and the Magisterial teachings of the Church.

They must lead to the Blessed Trinity, to Jesus, the Church. The author/compiler believes these messages recorded by Little Mary fulfill those requirements.

No one asked Father to write or compile this book. He personally saw the need as he did when he wrote books on Fatima, Light from the EastMiracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh, Francis, and others.

To order the new book
Messages from the Heart of Our Mother

Phone 1-800-213-5541 
Order online goto Fatima Family Store

Chapter content from the "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother".

Chapter 1 - Placing private revelations in proper perspectiveClick for more info About Fr. Robert J Fox

Chapter 2 - The Purpose of the messages

Chapter 3 - Interior locutions and Visions

Chapter 4 - For Priest, Religious, Laity

Chapter 5 - Messages from the Blessed Mother

Chapter 6 - Messages from Jesus

Chapter 7 - Sharing the Passion of Jesus
Chapter 8 - The First message and early development
Chapter 9 - Our Blessed Mother ask for prayer groups
Chapter 10 - A Time of Crisis - A time of purification and crisis
Chapter 11 - A new beginning
Chapter 12 - Greater suffering for conversions of souls
Chapter 13 - Importance of sacramental adoration


The Immaculate Heart Messenger

Click for more info The Immaculate Heart Messenger Magazine By Fr. Robert J. FoxWhile the Fatima Family Apostolate (FFA) has many tools for education and formation it publishes the Immaculate Heart Messenger magazine to keep readers current on Catholic news and developments.

The Immaculate Heart Messenger, which goes to thousands of Catholic families brings readers teachings of sound Catholic faith and morals in harmony with the teachings of the Universal Church.

It has been endorsed by the last two presidents of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family.

It has also been endorsed by the last two Bishops of Fatima, Portugal, the site of the approved apparitions of the Mother of God. Cardinal Trujillo, present president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, recently wrote an endorsement of the Charter of the Fatima Family Apostolate.   For excerpts from the magazine, see the Documents page.

Catholic Magazine

Christian Art by Sanislo
Virgin Mary Message Book

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