Marking It Up: Keeping A Well Organized Warehouse Requires Proper Signage

The internet and advancement in digital communications has opened up the world to virtually any business. You no longer need to have a huge retail space or hundreds of staff to deal with each customer as they walk in.

But what you do need, if you are supplying a product, is a big warehouse.  In fact, many ‘First Mile’ facilities are now larger than 1 million Sq ft!

The Problem of a Big Warehouse

Unfortunately, having a big warehouse comes with problems of its own:

  • Stock Numbers – the sheer amount of stock which needs to be counted and processed properly.
  • Tracking – Huge quantities of stock will be entering and leaving the warehouse on a daily basis; it needs to be monitored properly to ensure you know what you have.
  • Organizing – Knowing what the computer says you have is no good if you don’t know where the items are.

Solving the Problem

In fact, stock numbers and tracking of stock can both be solved through the application of a god computer system.

When you are first starting out you may get away with using a software system which comes off the shelf. However, the larger you grow the more you will benefit from a specialized system. It will need to be integrated with your website and any physical premises you have; to ensure you have the right stock levels displayed at all times.

This will help to ensure happy customers and a .

But, perhaps more importantly; you must be able to verify these figures. A yearly stock take, or even a quarterly one, is not enough to be certain you have the product on your shelf. What you need is random stock takes undertaken by someone not normally processing warehouse material.

Of course, they then need to be able to find the products quickly; just as your warehouse staff will need to. This is where you need professionally designed warehouse aisle signs and templates.

Signs will ensure that anyone can put the stock away in the right place and can retrieve it quickly when needed by a customer or staff member.

Professional signs will also ensure your random stock takes can be completed in just a few minutes each day; even if the stock location is changed. The professional signs can easily be moved or adjusted via a template.

Small Warehouses are Not Exempt

Although the focus here is on large warehouses; it is important to be aware that small ones are not exempt. Whether you are offering business supplies, warehouse equipment or goods for the general public; you need to keep your stock signposted.

A well organized warehouse will allow you to check for any issues as well as dramatically improving productivity; no time is wasted looking for items.


Whether you have been operating a warehouse for years or are new to the business, the most important step you can take to improve your productivity, customer service and efficiency is to have high quality signage.

When you couple this with your stock monitoring system and can trust the results you can focus your efforts on building your business; not dealing with issues.

If your warehouse doesn’t have signs; then put some up today; you will be amazed at the difference it makes.