Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

January 1st is the day most car dealers pivot from sales frenzy to the slow but important work of building up leads, following up on existing leads, and preparing for President’s Day sales that kick-off the busier spring season. But right now, you’re gearing up for the Christmas season to make sales. Christmas is an important season for all industries and the same goes for car dealers. It’s when your sales team is keen to boost its numbers and improve their bonuses, when you want to move old inventory off the lot for a fresh lineup of 2018 models, and when customers are buying.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of leads, even during busy season when it seems like the customers are piling through your doors. Car shopping is a more involved process than it ever has been, but much of the research and comparisons are going on without you. That is, unless you have a dealer chat that gets you in touch with shoppers during the research phase. Car buyers are doing the majority of their research online, including visiting third-party comparison sights and dealer websites.

The problem facing dealers now is successfully reaching out to shoppers when they’re in the research stage, looking online. It’s already too late to persuade shoppers when they arrive on your lot – according to statistics, the average number of dealers a car buyer visits before making a decision is less than two. One way marketing-savvy car dealers are gearing up for Christmas is by integrating their marketing strategy with dealer chat services from Gubagoo, a dealer chat solutions provider purpose-built for the auto market. Dealer chat should be more than just a live chat window on your website, it should be fully managed, open 24/7, integrated with your sales team via mobile app, and fully measured by your CRM. A dealer chat can also be used as part of any seasonal marketing campaign when it comes with the right technology.

Dealer Chat Publisher

Seasonal marketing is important to appeal to Christmas shoppers who are in the holiday spirit and looking for retailers offering Christmas deals. The dealer chat publisher from Gubagoo is a display ad on your website that shows all of your deals and offers, targeting visitors according to their behavior on your website. Use seasonal content and specials to appeal to seasonal car shoppers who will see them on the publisher.

Custom Dealer Chat Campaigns

Overflow calls are another important part of a dealer chat service, and Gubagoo offers custom campaign building for its partners. When someone calls your dealership, especially during the hectic Christmas season, there often isn’t time to pick up the phone. With a custom campaign, you can trust call center operators to push your priorities and products.