Messages from Our Blessed Mother to Little Mary

Virgin Mary Message Book

Our Lord Jesus Christ, My Lord and My God

MESSAGE #2571 from the Blessed Mother January 6, 2004

My daughter,

Tell my children to keep their focus on Jesus so that fear and worry do not enter their hearts. God will be with you through all trials and storms, so be at peace and do all that you can to serve my Son each new day.

Peace comes from knowing Jesus, so please, please dear children, spend more time with Him. Spend time in prayer and then listen, listen to your heart. Spend time with Jesus and then do what He is asking of you. Through your response, more will come to know our dear Lord, Jesus. Through your response, you will then be living the Beatitudes.

God’s loveImmaculate Heart of Mary must not just be spoken, it must be manifested through each of you. Put into practice all that I am teaching you so that God’s love and mercy shine, shine through you. These messages are that of love, so please live them each new day. Please live them by truly loving all your brothers and sisters. Love each family member, for many today are starving due to lack of love.

This time has been allowed to manifest your love of knowing Jesus. So, be faithful followers of Jesus and embrace His love so that this love shines brightly through you. Amen.


MESSAGE #2573 from the Blessed Mother January 9, 2004

My daughter,

Please tell my children, they cannot have peace in their hearts if they do not pray or spend time with Jesus. Peace cannot enter if my children do not open their hearts. It is time now for all my children to do their part so that peace can exist in this world. Without a true love for God, one cannot live a peaceful life. Peace must begin with you so that it can be spread across this land.

This world isAdore Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament in a state of great turmoil due to lack of love and forgiveness. So many today carry much hatred in their heart. So many today do not know how to love because Jesus is not present in their heart and soul. Dear children, the enemy loves war and bloodshed. The enemy loves darkness and without more prayer, darker days will come. Many more wars will arise if the Gospel is not spread.

Begin today and live, live the Gospel. Begin today by truly being an example to those around you. Begin today and pray more, for many hearts will be transformed by your prayers and actions. Your prayers and sacrifices are so much needed throughout this world. Begin today and join hands and pray the Rosary. Pray together with your family and teach others to do the same.

Love one another and allow Jesus to reign in your homes. Consecrate your family to my Son’s Most Sacred Heart and to My Immaculate Heart. Allow Our Hearts to be your refuge and strength. Spend time with Jesus and adore Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Peace will then be given to you and you will receive the strength needed to do God’s Holy Will. Amen.

 See companion message 2574 from JesusOur Lady of Grace


MESSAGE #2584 from the Blessed Mother  February 5, 2004 

My daughter,

If my children truly loved Jesus, they would spend more time with Him. They would pray throughout the day and converse with God. They would not be afraid of sharing their love of knowing Jesus. They would not lose hope or worry, worry about the future.

Dear children, your first love must be God if you truly want to blossom. You must adore Our Lord and follow His way of truth. You must be grateful for all that God has given you and strive to be humble, loving children. Please imitate Christ and take heed to the Gospel. Live all that you are being taught so that you truly come to know Our Lord in this time of preparation.

Be more prudent with your time so you stay close, close to Jesus. Do not allow the world to add busyness to your liMessages to the World from the Mother of Godfe. Set time aside each new day, kneeling before Our Lord. You can do this by truly building a chapel in your homes. All you need is a crucifix and a quiet corner to kneel before Our Lord. Each of you can do this if you truly want to spend quiet time kneeling and adoring Our Dear Lord, Jesus. 

Today I must remind my children, for so many spend such little time with Jesus. Many spend endless hours entertaining themselves with their material wealth. This is why so many children are being led further away from God. Take a look today at how much time you spend with Jesus. Take a look and then take hold of your life. If you feel distant from God, then increase your time to be with Him. If you feel alone, then take Jesus with you wherever you go. Invite all the Holy Angels and Saints to be present in your home. Call them by name and they will surely assist you.

Now, please let go of the noise that surrounds you and be silent so that you can truly, truly hear God. Through silence, God will give you the wisdom needed to be more prudent. This time is so precious, so do not delay. Give more time to Jesus and adore Him each new day. Amen.

OUR LADY OF SCHOENSTATTMESSAGE #2588 from the Blessed Mother
February 16, 2004

My daughter,

Many today are choosing to walk alone.  They do not include God because they do not pray. Without prayer and a true relationship with Jesus, one will become entangled by the serpent’s tail. Satan is strong and he will truly grasp those who have allowed themselves to become distant from God.

My daughter, this is why it is so important to make these messages known to all your brothers and sisters. These messages are that of love and truth, and the truth must be made known. All must wake up in this time that has been allowed by God. All must turn to God and believe in His love and mercy. These messages are God’s way to wake those who are sleeping. If these messages were not from God, they would have ended long ago. My daughter, this is why it is so important to write each time I come to you. For each time you write, they are truly embedded in your heart. Each time you write, souls will be saved.

God is truly using many in these times, but due to lack of faith many are not listening. Many are denying God’s ways because they do not want to change. Change takes time, so I plead with my children, amend your ways now. Turn away from sin and rely on God’s loving assistance. Come to Mass and take heed to the GospHoly Father Pope John Paul IIel. Take heed to the Gospel and obey, obey God now. Listen to your Most Holy Pope, for he is not afraid to make the truth known. This Pope is truly being guided by God, for he has been chosen for these times. Be wise and listen carefully so you come to know the whole truth.

There is no longer time to be ignoring God, so respond now. Come to know my Son in a deeper way so you grow in holiness. Take my hand and I will truly help you. Return to God and join me in prayer. Seek to be like Jesus and I promise you, your life will change. Please respond now and look to Jesus for knowledge, wisdom and truth. A response is truly needed, so please look to Jesus and desire to live a pure and holy life. Amen.

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 MESSAGE #2592 from the Blessed Mother February 23, 2004

My daughter,

I am with you in a very special way, so please continue to write each time I come to you. Write and then pray that these messages will touch the hearts of those who read them.

Time is short for saving souls, so please pray that more will take my hand so thatImmcualte Heart of Mary I can assist them. Pray that more will come to know the truth so they go forth and live, live the Gospel. Pray, pray for my beloved Priests so their hearts stay open to what God is asking them to do.

God has great plans for those who turn to Him with an open heart. God has great plans for those who accept His grace and who live the Beatitudes.

Lent is a time to prepare your hearts, so begin today so you truly understand all that my Son endured for you. Begin today and open your hearts so you carry your cross with joy. When you gather today, ask our Lord to help you open your heart. Ask and then listen to my Son speak to your heart so that change can occur, occur in you.

Now, please listen to my Son and give Him, today, your whole heart. Your hearts will then be transformed and you will have peace. Amen.

See companion message 2593 from Jesus



MESSAGE #2604 from the Blessed Mother 
March 24, 2004

My daughter,

I am here to remind my children because so many are allowing the world to add busyness to their life. So many are running in so many directions that they have no time for God. So I say tL'innocenceo my children, slow down and make time for God. Take time to pray and converse with God. Take time to listen as God speaks to you so you do what God is asking, asking of you. Many do not hear God because they don’t take time to listen. God truly speaks to all His children, but it is up to each individual to listen, listen to their heart.

In order to grow and blossom for our Lord, you must make time for prayer. You must let go of your worldly ways and truly serve our Lord. You must embrace each new cross and carry it with joy. You must obey God and live according to His Word. You must trust in Jesus with your whole heart. If you truly trust in my Son, then you will respond when He calls you to do His works of mercy. You will be obedient to His call if you trust and give your entire life to Jesus. You will be drawn closer to my Son through your response and love, love for Him.

My dear children, I am truly here to bring you closer to Jesus. Through your obedience and love for my Son, He will bring you to God the Father. For this to happen you must detach yourselves from the possessions of this world. You must let go of your earthly desires and truly seek God. You must let go of pride and selfishness and be open to God’s Holy Will. You must let go of fear and be willing to carry your cross. It does take effort on your part and willingness to be persecuted for living your faith. This is how you will be led to holiness. This is how you will become more disciplined and obedient to God’s call. Without discipline and effort and trust, Jesus cannot draw you closer to your Heavenly Father.

Each of you have work to do, so please respond to all that I am teaching you. Respond with love in your hearts and be loving, merciful and compassionate. Turn to God each new day and ask the Holy Angels to assist you to do God’s Holy Will.

Now, be confident in God’s love for you and make a sincere effort to change and be more like Him. My prayers are truly with you, so go forth in Jesus’ name. Amen.



Crown of ThornsMESSAGE #2605 from the Blessed Mother -
March 26, 2004

My daughter,

Today is a day to meditate on our Lord’s Passion, so please pray and fast and meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. Through your prayers and sacrifices, you will help heal Jesus’ wounds. One must never deny the pain and agony that Jesus endured for each of you. My Son’s wounds were deep, yet He suffered in silence. Jesus bled profusely, yet He picked up His cross and suffered, suffered for humanity.

Dear children, please follow the ways of my Son. Embrace all your crosses with love and joy in your heart. Embrace each new cross and offer your suffering to our Lord. Each time you do this, you are truly embracing my Son in His Passion.

Please, dear children, surrender your hearts to my Son and be humble and pure. Turn away from sin and live, live a holy life. Do penance for your sins, for then you will be taking part in healing Jesus’ wounds. Much strength will be given to those who live this message. By truly living all that I am teaching you, you will desire purity and holiness of heart. You will not have to suffer long in Purgatory if you do your part in healing Jesus’ wounds. Through prayer, sacrifice and penance, you will be imitating Christ. Through prayer, sacrifice and penance, God will truly help those souls that you offer your prayers and sacrifices for.

Now, please kneel before our Lord and meditate on Our Lord’s Passion. MeditatePick up your cross on our Lord’s Passion and be willing to suffer with love in your soul. Pray, pray the Rosary together and believe that this will truly help you live your vocation according to God’s Holy Will.

Go now as prayerful children and let my words and all that I am teaching you penetrate your hearts. Amen.


MESSAGE #2609 from the Blessed Mother April 5, 2004

My daughter,

Pray and persevere so you stay strong, strong for our Lord. Follow my Son and carry your cross with joy.

All my children must do the same, they must open their hearts and seek His ways. They must be true followers of Christ and live, live a holy life. They must trust in Him always and live in His faith daily. All must pray and accept God’s love and mercy if they truly want to be guided on this earth. All must be faithful servants and live and speak the truth.

Begin today by truly imitating Christ. Be loving, forgiving and compassionate. Join hands with those around you and live in harmony and peace. Be good and loving children and let go of any hurt or negative feelings. Let go and give it to God so that you can move forward. Be good and pure so that you can live in the fullness of God. Unite together in the love of my Son, Jesus. Discipline yourselves now so that you may grow in truth and blossom for our Lord. His truth is the only way, so please be true disciples for our Lord.

The dawn is near, so pleasScourging at pillare walk in faith and believe that God is truly, truly with you. Walk in faith and believe in God’s love that He has for each of you. Amen.

MESSAGE #2574 from Jesus January 9, 2004

My child,

Accept My blood and suffering that I shed for you. It is My gift to you, for you have been chosen to suffer for mankind. Do not be sad for all that you must endure, for it will truly keep you humble and strengthen you.

Put your trust in Me, for I am Jesus who loves you very much. Look at My Eucharistic Heart and feel the fire of My love. Embrace Me so that others will come to know My true presence in the Blessed Sacrament. I know your heart, so come to Me when you feel alone. Your obedience to suffer will truly draw souls closer to Me. Each time you write My words, they will penetrate your heart. You will never be abandoned by Me or My Mother. We are ever so close to you, for you need much protection.

I am with you in all your suffering, so continue to suffer for love of Me. Continue to listen to My Mother, for she is the way to My Eucharistic Heart.

MESSAGE #2589 from Jesus  Sacred Heart Of JesusFebruary 16, 2004

My child,

I am Jesus. I come today to share My love with you. Through your suffering and obedience these messages will be made known. More will come to know My Mother if you continue to write.

Time is short for saving souls, so listen as I speak to you. In time, all apparitions will cease and each child will need to live all that My Mother is teaching them. Those who took refuge in Our Heart will have peace. They will have peace, for I will guide them to safety. Those who use the protection that has been provided for them will be protected through all storms.

This is the time of preparation, so amend your lives and make reparation for all your sins. Pray and consecrate your lives to My Sacred Heart. Consecrate your homes to My Sacred Heart and I will protect and bless each family. Storms will arise, so tell My people to take refuge in My Heart. Tell the world not to delay, for they will need My protection.Queen of Heaven

My child, I ask that you share My love and mercy in those groups that My Mother has formed. I ask that you share My words that have been hidden in your heart. I ask that you pray together and then listen as I speak to you. This is how you will be guided for times ahead. This is how you will be led to safety and protected from all evil.

You are My soldiers and I shall defend you in each battle. You are in battle, so listen to My Mother, as she is Queen of Heaven. Take refuge in her heart and follow her example. She is pure and humble and a mother to each of you. She has been chosen by My Father to lead you closer to Me. Do not resist. Take her hand and do not ignore her motherly requests.

Immaculate Heart of MaryMESSAGE #2593 from Jesus  February 23, 2004

My child,

Doors will open soon, for these messages are from the heart of My Mother. Those who take heed to her words will be led closer to Me. Those who are willing to suffer in My name shall have eternal life. Eternal life is for those who believe and who walk with Me.

Be disciples of hope to this world by lighting the way for others. You are My beloved ones. I am Jesus and you are My disciples.

Audio of  Little Mary summerizing some Jan 2005 messages

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