Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?

Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?I found this to be an interesting topic. I wanted to know how others felt on the subject so I posted the question in my status on facebook and got enough replies to write a book on the subject.

Now the Bible does clearly state no sex before marriage or more specifically sex being permitted only within the marriage bond (I Corinthians 7:2). Something most of us have had a problem following, including myself.
“The foundation has already been laid. No sex before marriage (Ephesians 5:3), treat any lady with the same respect you would your sister and mother (1 Timothy 5:1-2), and keep your relationship with the Father first (Matthew 22:37),” states Logan from Charlotte, N.C.

That being said I can’t seem to find anything written declaring that dating is wrong for Christians to do. I mean maybe I missed those particular verses, but as far as I could find there is nothing stating dating is wrong.
“Truth be told there is no biblical model for dating. So to answer your first question is yes it is ok for christians to date. However you must set the ground rules before you began dating,” says Jeremie Nesmith of Jacksonville, Fla.
I also couldnt find any examples of dating going on in the bible either. But dating or courting as ya gramdma used to call it, is the getting to know each other stage. Dating is how you find out if you are compatible?
“The bottom line is anything that will lead to you getting all HOT and BOTHERED should not be done,” states Shelley David Wright of New Orleans, La.

Personally I think the problem is too many people mix up dating and sex. The two aren’t necessarily one and the same. Even if one is often a goal to the other for many!

“The word of God declares that the man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and receiveth favor from the Lord,” replies Adam Turnage of Washington D.C. “People need a vehicle and a format to determine what we’ve found, don’t we? We need a period of time to establish levels of intimacy. And there are many levels of intimacy in which there is no exchange of body fluids.”

The persons who usually say this to singles and the youth are usually married. It is much easier to tell folks to wait till they are married when you are married and have a healthy sex life. I could never get past that point personally at a teen and young adult. When I decided to take the conversation further and asked them how they got to know their helpmate? Or ask them were they virgins when they got married, they usually deverted the conversation else where.

My purpose for this article was to get people talking. I don’t think we do ourselves or our youth any justice by staying away from topics like this. I would really like to hear what everyone out there has to say on the subject!