Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google’s webmaster tools can help get websites noticed and drive new Internet sales leads. Google’s tools for webmasters continue to expand, as they keep introducing new resources. Small business websites benefit from professional details that help optimize websites for search engines. Google seems like a good place to go for help with website search engine optimization (SEO), because they’re the largest search engine in the world. It just makes sense to have a small business website that complies with what they want.

The Newest Google Webmaster Tools Provide Detailed Website Information

Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google webmaster tools for business website development include improving website visibility in search results, increasing traffic to a small business website and viewing information about internal and external website links. The links area of Google webmaster tools lets users see what external websites are linking to a website, and which website pages have internal links to other pages on a website. It’s a dynamic tool that can help insurance agencies and companies organize and plan for their website needs.

Google Webmaster Tools Include Site Diagnostics

Site diagnostics in Google webmaster tools lets website owners know if there are any problems or errors with their website. Errors with Meta tags or problems with content might mean that Googlebot cannot index a website. Googlebot, the automated crawler that Google uses to find websites and place them in search results, needs websites that are error-free to get indexed and properly placed in search engine results.

Using Google AdSense on a Small Business Website

Google AdSense provides small business owners with revenue generated through click-through ads. Insurance companies and agencies have to ask themselves whether Google AdSense is right for their small business websites. The bonus is that users may make enough money to pay for web hosting costs – or more. The downside is that even with selecting specific types of ads to appear on a website, if requested ads are not available, Google will revert to different ads that might be insurance agency competitors. Webmasters can reduce or avoid this problem by only using static Google AdSense ads for specific, non-competing companies on small business websites.

Google Statistics Help Small Business Website Owners Understand Traffic

Google statistics offer users information about who is visiting a small business website. For example, top search queries include the top queries used to find a website in Google. Small business website owners can view information about search queries and click-throughs that led users to the website using the Google statistics tool.

Google AdWords Brings Internet Sales Leads to Small Business Websites

Google AdWords allows small business website owners to drive more Internet sales leads to their website. The fee-based program includes ad placement that will help pull in qualified Internet sales leads in a way that’s relevant and easy to maintain. Even without the paid tools, the free Google AdWords keywords tool can help experienced SEO experts drive targeted customers to their insurance company website. The Google Adwords keywords tool provides information about what qualified Internet sales leads are looking for online, and allows users to see trending in keywords used.

In addition to Google’s webmaster tools, there are a number of free small business website resources available online. They can be used to help drive traffic and qualified internet sales leads to an insurance agency or company website. More advanced SEO will require the use of a professional to help guide a small business website to top search engine rankings that attracted qualified internet sales leads.