Consumers Care About What’s in their Food – So Should You!

Consumers Care About What’s in their Food – So Should You!


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the potential harm that artificial preservatives can inflict on the body, causing damage in ways that are not yet fully understood by science. Everyone has heard horror stories of preservatives preventing decomposition after death – that, due to all of the harsh chemicals present in the modern diet, corpses lie perfectly preserved for months or even years after being buried. It’s a stirring and disturbing image. Not only do stories like that recall monsters from folklore and movies, such as Dracula or Frankenstein (horrifying in themselves!), but undoubtedly those unnaturally preserved bodies can’t be very good for the environment, either. And one wonders whether modern phenomena like the prevalence of cancer is due to the unknown effects that these chemical preservatives might have on the cells in our bodies.

That’s why it’s important to explore alternatives that are found in nature, which stand much less chance of causing such horrific complications. Consumers want to be reassured that the products that go into their body are made out of natural materials that are unlikely to cause such serious problems with their systems. That’s why savvy manufacturers look for natural preservatives for the food industry, so that their consumers feel reassured about the origins and make-up of their food when they make a purchase. That way you can avoid potentially awkward associations with horrible monsters from the history of cinema, and instead get your consumers to focus on the taste, convenience, or nutritional benefits of your product.

But where do you find ingredients that will maintain the shelf life of your products without compromising on texture or taste, in addition to coming from naturally sourced materials? That can feel like a challenge, especially since a lot of the currently available offerings can seem underwhelming. You need to find a company, like Cambrian Solutions in Ontario, which globally sources their materials from a wide variety of advanced chemical innovators as well as maintains a research and development department to develop and test new offerings. That way you don’t have to worry that the claims of the high-tech raw ingredients manufacturing firm you have contacted in New Delhi are substantiated – that work has already been done for you. A good distribution company will also ensure that all of the products they carry have been tested thoroughly, so that there are absolutely no ambiguities when it comes to introducing them into recipes.

Not only will you feel better knowing that your products will have additives that are safe, effective, and which will have consistently reproducible effects, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy sourcing the materials when you let another company scour the world for ingredients. Hiring another company – like Cambrian Solutions, which has been providing solutions to manufacturers since 1995 – to do your sourcing for you, takes all of the headaches out of making progressive changes to your formulations. Because they have contacts with firms all over the world, as well as a detailed understanding of their offerings, they’re able to find ingredients that will match exactly with your needs. So when you finally decide to make a change in your recipes in order to stave off your customers’ fears of joining the living dead – you can do so as quickly and effectively as possible!