ChristianityOne day Christ was sharing his supper with his disciples. He was gave food to them and said, “Eat it. It is my body I am giving it to you”. Then he gave them grape juice and said, “ This is my blood, drink it. it will go on being shed for getting mercy for the sinners until human beings are redeemed”. This was his last supper.

He used to preach the lessons of love, kindness, mercy and brotherhood to the simple and illiterate people through small incidents and stories. He used to say, “You have a right only to love. Love your neighbor as your-self. Shun selfishness”.

Christ was fearless preacher. He knew that the authorities were becoming hostile to him. But he continued with his mission and said, “Sin is ruling the roost in this world. Satan is its ruler. All obey him. The rulers get saints killed. People do not follow the teachings of the learned and the priests. Good people have to suffer in this world. The pitcher of sin is full and is about to break. Then God’s rule will come. It will usher in all at once”.

The wheels of time were moving fast. Soldiers came to arrest him. He had three disciples with him at that time. Armed soldiers surrounded him. Peter his sword. Christ forbade saying, “Keep it in the sheath for whosoever will kill by sward will himself be killed by the sword”.

Looking towards the soldiers he said. “What was the need of these arms? Do not come to the church daily for preaching?”

He knew his future. He knew that the priests and the rules whom he was opposing would not let him live. But it made no difference in his sermons or his peace of mind. He used to say, “Anybody who can carry his own cross with him, can be my companion”.

False changes were leaved against him in the court. His opponents collected a crowd outside the court. They cried for capital punishment for him. The chief justice of the court asked the people, “ What crime has he committed? I do not find any”. But the crowd was crying, “Hang him on the cross”. The judge had to bow to the wishes of the people.

The death sentence was carried out. On his dead was kept the throne of thorns which wounded his head and blood gushed out onto his face. He was beaten with a thorny whip which wounded his entire body. A cross was put around shoulders. He was asked to walk out side the walls of Jerusalem. There a pole was dug and his hands and feet were nailed, nearby stood his sobbing mother, his mother’s sister and two other ladies. He was calm and composed throughout. He breathed his last during these violent rigors. It was Friday.

This sacrifice had a great impact on the world. Many Jews embrace Christianity.

Bible is the compilation of Christ’s teachings. Christ was a rock of confidence. His self-confidence and noble conduct were based on his infallible faith in God. He used to say “If you say with full confidence to a mountain to shift, it is impossible that it will not shift”.