Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

A detailed inventory of items destroyed, lost or damaged is often required in order to recoup losses. To save time and money, every business and home owner should consider documenting precious items.

“A typical inventory will record assets with image documentation and an itemized catalogue,” explains Cindy Hartman, owner of the Indianapolis-based Hartman Inventory, Inc. “It’s important to begin with an assessment. Aside of computers, desks, and televisions, consider other items that are unique or critical to the work your employees do or to your home life.”

Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

Disasters – In the face of fire, theft, tornado or other disaster, a property inventory will provide detailed documentation, which will ease the claims process. You’ll recover faster, and according to the Insurance Information Institute, usually with a higher settlement.

Moving – Moving is a terrific time to create an inventory. Listing model and serial numbers will be easier while packing those items. Hartman recommends doing an inventory while packing if working with a moving company. Otherwise, take stock when unpacking.

Storage – Self-storage units are a main target of burglars. Professional burglars know the right people to get the right access code and know that 24-hour guards don’t exist on premise. They can easily get in and out of a storage unit long before police arrive.

Financial Planning – Imagine planning for the future, making sound investments, and suddenly, your home or business is destroyed. Will you recover sufficiently? Will you be forced to dip into your retirement plans? Consider a lower estate value because of diminished investments. An inventory of the contents of your home or business can keep your financial future safe.

Estate Planning and Settlement – Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough. It becomes even more difficult when they’re forced to go through your belongings in order to produce a list of assets so your final will can be executed. An inventory will save them from this additional emotional turmoil.

Divorce – On this subject, Hartman says, “When splitting up a household, some couples want to know the value of their belongings so they can be sure to receive equitable settlements. If one of the spouses owns their own business, an inventory of the assets of the company will be extremely important.”

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – Protect sentimental items and family heirlooms through an inventory prior to joining two households together.

Proof of Uninsured Losses – Many home and business owners in the mid-west didn’t have flood insurance before their homes were swept away with heavy rains. Many of those home and business owners didn’t need flood insurance. And yet, the federal government requires documentation to support the uninsured losses deducted on 1040 tax returns for 2008.

You may not be able to stop the coming storm, but wtih a home or business inventory, you can get back on track quickly, with peace of mind.…

NYC Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen: Now Called Cllinton, Restaurants and Specialized Schools Abound

In Hell’s Kitchen, rents are lower than in the rest of midtown. Hell’s Kitchen is the area between Eighth Avenue and the Hudson River, and between 30th Street and 59th Street. The vast area is home to DeWitt Clinton Park, from which the replacement name was taken. It can be argued, though, that the park was the setting for the “rumbles” in the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story. The plot of that show revolves around fighting between Anglo and Puerto Rican gangs, resulting in death and ironic sorrow some believe the equal of that in Romeo and Juliet.

NYC Neighborhoods: Hell's Kitchen: Now Called Cllinton, Restaurants and Specialized Schools Abound

From Farmland to Urban Melting Pot

Hell’s Kitchen was once farmland and woodland, like most of New York City beyond the original Dutch settlement at the lower tip of the island. During the first part of the nineteenth century, the farms were divided into lots. Before long, factories and slaughterhouses filled the space not taken by cheap housing for immigrants, first Irish, then German and Italian. Later, blacks and Puerto Ricans migrated to the neighborhood.

Slums Cleared for World-Class Performing Arts Complex

In the 1960s, much of the housing at just north of the neighborhood was razed to make room for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, today a premier world cultural destination, although it is located in the area known as the Upper West Side. Some buildings in north Hell’s Kitchen were razed, as well, for appearances.

Later, mainly in the 1970s, mid-rise apartment buildings (which in New York means up to 20 floors) appeared; in the 1980s, true skyscraper apartment buildings, of 30 floors and more and often topped with swimming pools and health clubs, appeared. Today, the area is a mix of super-tall, super-expensive apartment housing, mid-rise units, and much older brownstone and tenement buildings, mainly below 55th Street.

Only Local Shopping, but Department Stores Nearby

No one goes to or lives in Hell’s Kitchen for the shopping. There are supermarkets, copy shops, and the odd gas station beyond Ninth Avenue and close to the old West Side Highway. In short, it offers what the very mixed economic population needs, and not much more. Fifth Avenue, with its good midtown shopping, is only a seven-minute walk from Eight Avenue, however.

Good, Inexpensive Restaurants Abound

On the other hand, there are many inexpensive restaurants. Joe Allen on 46th Street near Eighth Avenue is a well-known Broadway hangout, and a little pricier than the ethnic restaurants nearby. While you may not see superstars there, the ambience is showbiz, and producer’s assistants and such fill the place with theater talk and attitude. The hamburgers are pretty good, too.

Ralph’s, on Ninth Avenue at 56th Street, is one of the last of a dying breed, an old-style Southern Italian restaurant. Get ready for lotsa pasta.

Try middle-eastern food at Ariana Afghan Kebab at Ninth Avenue and 52nd Street, or Latino cuisine at Old San Juan, Ninth Avenue at 51st Street. Hell’s Kitchen remains home to many Latinos, Puerto Rican and otherwise.

Restaurant Row and the Hudson River

Chief among these is Theatre Row, 42nd Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, followed by Restaurant Row, 46th Street between Eight and Ninth. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum occupies a disused pier at the end of 45h Street across 12th Avenue. If you have the time and inclination, Hudson River Park offers green space right on the Hudson River; one can view the remains of the cruise ship piers of romantic memory, when people went to Europe by boat, or arrived as immigrants the same way.…

Boys And Groceries

Boys And Groceries

Monday night my bf was going to get home before me, so we decided I would email him a grocery list and he would stop by Whole Foods. Originally, I was going to add “Japanese yams” to the list because I was running low, but decided against that because I figured I would just end up with regular potatoes instead.

I didn’t think the list was too complicated. I mean, we were only making tacos(/taco salad for me)!


Well, low and behold, I deemed this to be THE WORST dinner of my life. Why? Because everything was absolutely wrong. First of all, the romaine– I mean, I had to cut and wash it, when really, I just wanted pre-packaged, triple-washed, ready-to-go romaine! Number two, the corn was not roasted. It was regular, sweet yellow corn. And last but not least, the beans were REFRIED. PRE-DIGESTED BEANS! In my salad!!!

Ok, so I wasn’t really upset, but I was in total disbelief with how wrong this list had gone. We joked that I would be 80 and complaining, “YOU RUINED MY LIFE WITH THOSE REFRIED BEANS.”

And you know what, even though those beans added a big lump of mush to my salad, they actually balanced out the spicy guac with their utter-blandness.


hers: healthy(?) taco(?) salad


his: titled “people who don’t give a shit about food”

Same dinner, two completely different plates and ingredients.  Boys and groceries……

Imbue Your Home with Scent – EcoBrandsNow Aroma Diffusers {review & giveaway}

Imbue Your Home with Scent - EcoBrandsNow Aroma Diffusers {review & giveaway}
I have a long history of decorating with scent, though I haven’t always thought of it that way. I’ve done my time with pot pourri, incense, room sprays, and candles. More recently I caught on to scented wax warmers, and now a friend has started me on essential oils. I have a whole lot to learn there, particularly around the therapeutic benefits of different oils, but for now I have a couple of favourites driven mostly by my enjoyment of the aromas. I’m enjoying a mix of different scent approaches these days, leaving out only the pot pourri and incense 🙂

The latest addition to my collection is an aroma diffuser. It mixes essential oils with water and sends out bursts of scent in little puffs of mist to fill a room. My diffuser was sent to me by EcoBrandsNow, whose timing really couldn’t have been better, given that I’d just started my essential oil discoveries. I chose their “Julia” diffuser, in my favourite colour, . It sits on the corner of my desk, in my newly re-furbished office, helping this space to really feel like my special oasis. Julia is an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, designed by Fabian Zimmerli for Stadler Form.

My office is coming along nicely now. I can even use my desk again! Brightening the space up with some plants & my new aroma diffuser from @ecobrandsnow.ca. Currently diffusing rosemary essential oils for stress & fatigue. Plus, it smells great 🙂 Diffuser review to come! . . . #RMBReno #essentialoils #aromatherapy #officedecor #limegreen #deskdecor

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EcoBrandsNow offers four different aroma diffusers, ranging in price from $69.99 – $174.99. The Julia retails for $139.99. All are available in a variety of colours to fit your decor and preference, and all are compact, taking up little space in your home, while offering a great scent experience.

Julia, in bronze, from their website.

I was attracted to the Julia because I loved the sleek lines and overall tapered shape, plus the incredibly long run time. It can scent your room for up to 53 hours when operating on the low setting in interval mode (10 minutes running, 20 minutes off). Even in continuous mode on high it still gets 12 hours of operating time. I also like that the unit turns off automatically when it runs out of water.

Julia is powered by an electrical cord, not batteries, so you do need an outlet, but don’t need to worry about running out of power. The unit has LED lights, which light up the mist when on. If the lights bother you, you can dim them or turn them off completely. Additionally, you operate the diffuser in “swing” mode, which disperses the mist while oscillating back and forth about 160 degrees. This helps to spread the aroma throughout your room.

I’m very happy with Julia. She’s quiet, she looks great, and she does a great job of bringing pleasant scents to my office space. Scent can really set a mood, for good or bad, and can affect your energy throughout the day. I like to diffuse a bright, clean scent to envigorate me while I’m working, and then something like lavender to help me (and Boo) to settle at night. Rosemary is my current favourite to diffuse while I’m at the computer. It is said to aid focus, mental clarity, and stress. I can attest that I love the scent and do feel more alert while using it.

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Spring Workout Style

Spring Workout StyleWhile the weather has been fluctuating lately, it’s definitely been getting warmer.  Proof is in how often we find ourselves spending weekends at the beach.  My spring workout style has definitely taken into consideration these warmer temps with short shorts, loose and airy dry-fit tanks, and lightweight Flyknit trainers.  Head on over to the Finish Line Blog to check out my spring style, what I’m wearing, and why!
/Bzees x Athleta Sip + Style Recap – Daily Cup of Asheejojo/

Last week I met up with some of my favorite bloggers at the Bzees x Athleta Sip + Style event.

Already a fan of Bzees (my favorite “grocery shopping shoe”), we were introduced to the new Fall line which brought in a lot of 70’s flair, natural elements and subdued tones.  Even with the new designs, Bzees has kept its comfort the same through air-infused outsoles, free foam footbeds, dynamic stretch uppers making them literally feel like clouds on your feet.  #lightfeelsright

Not only did we score a free pair of Bzees, but we also got to enjoy sushi bites from Blue Ocean, sips from California Fruit Wine (wine made from fruit other than grapes) and my favorite part…PHOTOBOOTH pics!!  Athleta stylists also helped us pair our new Bzees with their cozy fall staples, taking athleisure to the next level.

Proceeds from the evening also went back to the Autism Tree Project Foundation, making this fun night of mixing and mingling with other local bloggers even better too!…