Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?

Is it Right for Christians to Date? How Far is Too Far when Courting or Dating?I found this to be an interesting topic. I wanted to know how others felt on the subject so I posted the question in my status on facebook and got enough replies to write a book on the subject.

Now the Bible does clearly state no sex before marriage or more specifically sex being permitted only within the marriage bond (I Corinthians 7:2). Something most of us have had a problem following, including myself.
“The foundation has already been laid. No sex before marriage (Ephesians 5:3), treat any lady with the same respect you would your sister and mother (1 Timothy 5:1-2), and keep your relationship with the Father first (Matthew 22:37),” states Logan from Charlotte, N.C.

That being said I can’t seem to find anything written declaring that dating is wrong for Christians to do. I mean maybe I missed those particular verses, but as far as I could find there is nothing stating dating is wrong.
“Truth be told there is no biblical model for dating. So to answer your first question is yes it is ok for christians to date. However you must set the ground rules before you began dating,” says Jeremie Nesmith of Jacksonville, Fla.
I also couldnt find any examples of dating going on in the bible either. But dating or courting as ya gramdma used to call it, is the getting to know each other stage. Dating is how you find out if you are compatible?
“The bottom line is anything that will lead to you getting all HOT and BOTHERED should not be done,” states Shelley David Wright of New Orleans, La.

Personally I think the problem is too many people mix up dating and sex. The two aren’t necessarily one and the same. Even if one is often a goal to the other for many!

“The word of God declares that the man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and receiveth favor from the Lord,” replies Adam Turnage of Washington D.C. “People need a vehicle and a format to determine what we’ve found, don’t we? We need a period of time to establish levels of intimacy. And there are many levels of intimacy in which there is no exchange of body fluids.”

The persons who usually say this to singles and the youth are usually married. It is much easier to tell folks to wait till they are married when you are married and have a healthy sex life. I could never get past that point personally at a teen and young adult. When I decided to take the conversation further and asked them how they got to know their helpmate? Or ask them were they virgins when they got married, they usually deverted the conversation else where.

My purpose for this article was to get people talking. I don’t think we do ourselves or our youth any justice by staying away from topics like this. I would really like to hear what everyone out there has to say on the subject!…

Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian?To me being christian is being Christ-like. I have known a few people in my six decades of living who were truly Christ-like in words and deeds. God has set examples before me. I am blessed. Knowing that he hears my every thought and word and sees my every action, I know better than anyone how far I fall from the mark.

In my life I have had two missions that succeeded. Here at home some years ago my daughter and I helped run a Friday night youth group. Today the kids that were in that group see us in public and bless our hearts with their comments. Two of my favorite experiences with them happened at a local grocery store. A young woman ran up to me with her husband and newborn baby. She introduced me as the one who gave her the Bible that she read to them from. Another time a young man in the company of five or six other young men saw us from a distance and ran up, grabbing us and hugging us both. The group that he was with started taunting him and jeering at him. He turned to them and said, “These are my true friends. They love me.” Both times i cried.

My daughter and I also helped run a Tulsa Oklahoma Sunday morning food ministry. We would arrive at a United Pentecostal Church in North Tulsa with the back of our Suburban filled with food. Two church deacons would drive the church bus to the downtown mission and pick up homeless street people who attended morning services after which we served them lunch. We watched our new friends get jobs and apartments. We watched them as their lives changed. They thought they owed us thanks. Time and time again we explained that we served them. We owed them thanks for allowing us to have a part in their lives. We expressed to them that all thanks went to God.

I have been very close to God. Today I fall so short. Am I a christian. I am not Christ-like. I do love the Lord. I talk to him constantly. I take Christianity seriously. I believe that if any of us ever achieved Christ-like perfection that he would take us instantaneously out of here. I read my Bible and I have faith. I believe in miracles and have seen my share. I am so blessed that he loves me, and he hears me, and he answers me. I could not expect more.…


ChristianityOne day Christ was sharing his supper with his disciples. He was gave food to them and said, “Eat it. It is my body I am giving it to you”. Then he gave them grape juice and said, “ This is my blood, drink it. it will go on being shed for getting mercy for the sinners until human beings are redeemed”. This was his last supper.

He used to preach the lessons of love, kindness, mercy and brotherhood to the simple and illiterate people through small incidents and stories. He used to say, “You have a right only to love. Love your neighbor as your-self. Shun selfishness”.

Christ was fearless preacher. He knew that the authorities were becoming hostile to him. But he continued with his mission and said, “Sin is ruling the roost in this world. Satan is its ruler. All obey him. The rulers get saints killed. People do not follow the teachings of the learned and the priests. Good people have to suffer in this world. The pitcher of sin is full and is about to break. Then God’s rule will come. It will usher in all at once”.

The wheels of time were moving fast. Soldiers came to arrest him. He had three disciples with him at that time. Armed soldiers surrounded him. Peter his sword. Christ forbade saying, “Keep it in the sheath for whosoever will kill by sward will himself be killed by the sword”.

Looking towards the soldiers he said. “What was the need of these arms? Do not come to the church daily for preaching?”

He knew his future. He knew that the priests and the rules whom he was opposing would not let him live. But it made no difference in his sermons or his peace of mind. He used to say, “Anybody who can carry his own cross with him, can be my companion”.

False changes were leaved against him in the court. His opponents collected a crowd outside the court. They cried for capital punishment for him. The chief justice of the court asked the people, “ What crime has he committed? I do not find any”. But the crowd was crying, “Hang him on the cross”. The judge had to bow to the wishes of the people.

The death sentence was carried out. On his dead was kept the throne of thorns which wounded his head and blood gushed out onto his face. He was beaten with a thorny whip which wounded his entire body. A cross was put around shoulders. He was asked to walk out side the walls of Jerusalem. There a pole was dug and his hands and feet were nailed, nearby stood his sobbing mother, his mother’s sister and two other ladies. He was calm and composed throughout. He breathed his last during these violent rigors. It was Friday.

This sacrifice had a great impact on the world. Many Jews embrace Christianity.

Bible is the compilation of Christ’s teachings. Christ was a rock of confidence. His self-confidence and noble conduct were based on his infallible faith in God. He used to say “If you say with full confidence to a mountain to shift, it is impossible that it will not shift”.…

Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

Make The Most Of Christmas Shopping With Dealer Chat

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Christianity Through the Eyes of a Pagan by Daniel Staver Jr

Christianity Through the Eyes of a Pagan by Daniel Staver JrToday I seen an assignment to write about Pagan views on Christianity., I have decided to give my opinion about my views on Christianity. I would like to clarify what religious back ground I come from, I am Wiccan technically I am Shaman. I chose this religious path because it is more open and I believe I can help people with herbal healing. So technically I am a shaman healer, I heal with plants, oils, massage, incense, and music. All of this can help some one feel better, repels negativity and makes me feel good when they are feeling better about things. My opinion on Christianity is that they need to loosen up some. We are not Satan worshipers, satanic worship is the opposite of Christianity, it has very little to do with pagan beliefs. For one thing Wiccans do not believe in Satan or hell. I think Christians need to think before they point fingers how many people have died in the name of Jesus and god ? I believe humans make mistakes and it only takes one wrong thing done by a leader to have a lot of things go the wrong way. The crusades is one thing I think should have never happened but it did and I believe a lot of people would change the way things went back then but it is to late. Personally I think Christians need to relax more be open minder and not condemn every one to hell because they don’t believe the exact same way you do. When I was younger I was forced to go to church, catholic and Lutheran schools. The only church I went to that didn’t remind me of a funeral was southern baptist. They know how to have a good time and still worship. If your happy to be alive and that god gave you this chance on his greatest creation then don’t mourn when your at church. Don’t sing the same crap hymnals that all the songs in it seem like a funeral march sing with emotion and enthusiasm. I think your gonna be surprised when you die and god ask you why did you mourn every time you went to church? What will you say? I just believe that Christians need to be more open to new things and not condemn before they know some one personally.
/Life Beyond Christianity /I remember the first time I openly mouthed what any Christian would declare as heresy. I was having a conversation with my sister-in-law, a somewhat fundamentalist Christian of Calvinist stock, about my changing attitudes towards traditional Christianity. She sensed I was challenging the basic premise that all Christians must accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior so when she openly asked, “Did I not still believe Jesus died for our sins and that we need to acknowledge this to be saved?” , without hardly a hesitation I said “No!”. She gasped and I must admit it kind of took me by surprise having finely confessed what I felt in my heart was true.

This was not an instantaneous transformation. Just a few years prior to this I was an active member of my Methodist congregation, having confessed my salvation before them and serving as a Chairman for several committees, including the Xmas toy store we put together every year for the local poor. I had also started the first jail ministry with this church and pursued it alone about half of the time for the 2 years it existed. I was an avowed “born-again” Christian based on an “awakening” I had in my …

Understanding Christianity: Afterlife

Understanding Christianity: AfterlifeMost of us, if not all of us, at some point wonder what happens after death. Is there life after death? Or do our bodies just slowly decompose? The way we answer these questions often depends on our religious beliefs. There are many different religions out there and they all have their own ways to answer questions concerning afterlife. In this article I will discuss Christianity’s beliefs about afterlife.

First it is important to note Christianity has many different denominations and a Christian’s belief of afterlife can be greatly effected by what domination of Christianity they follow. The views discussed in this article are general beliefs accepted by most Christian denominations. Further research would be required to fully understand the beliefs of afterlife for the different Christian denominations.

The concept of afterlife is discussed in the Book of Mathew. The Book of Mathew paints two worlds in the afterlife- heaven and hell. There is no one excepted belief amongst Christianity about the makeup of heaven and hell. Some believe heaven and hell have physical locations and others believe heaven and hell concerns a person’s relationship with God.

Despite Christians not having one excepted landscape for heaven and hell, the concept of both are founded on a set of accepted ideals. Heaven is considered a place for people who have a strong companionship with God. Heaven is linked with the image of light and is thought of as a joyful place. Hell is designated for people who have turned their back on God. Hell depicts eternal suffering.

Some denominations of Christianity believe in Purgatory. Purgatory lets somebody repent their sins so they can eventually move forward to heaven. Believers in Purgatory believe those individuals destined for heaven are the only ones who enter Purgatory. Orthodox Christians are amongst the Christians who do not believe in Purgatory.

Besides the makeup of heaven and hell the other major question Christians deal with in relation to afterlife is who is allowed into heaven and who gets stuck in hell. Certain denominations of Christianity believe heaven is only for those who accept Jesus Christ as their savor. This belief first began by the Catholic Church shortly after the Protestant Reformation. Other Christians believe as long as you have a good heart and live a life full of good intentions that you can find your way into heaven.

To Christians heaven is the ultimate reward. Heaven is the reason to be a morally good person. Heaven is the motivation to live a good life. Those who do not live a moral life will end up punished eternally in hell. Afterlife is very important to the creed of Christianity. After all, afterlife is what motivates Christians to live their lives the way they do…

Sugar-Coated Christianity

Sugar-Coated ChristianityToday’s church sermon got me to thinking a lot about Christianity, especially here in America. Is our Christianity the way that Jesus intended for it to be?

On the one hand we have the finger-pointing Christians, who are so busy pointing out the sins of everyone around them, they fail to see the big old log in their own eyes.

But what about the opposite extreme of this? What about the Christians who have mistaken loving with tolerance…turning their heads when they hear certain controversial issues discussed for fear of seeming like their finger pointing counterparts?

Sometimes I believe I am one of these “sugar-coated Christians”. I try so hard to be an example to other people by showing love and acceptance, but in the meantime I often avoid the tough topics. I don’t want to come off as pushy or judgmental…(after all, who am I to judge anyone?) I don’t want to have to express an unpopular opinion.

The thing is, by avoiding the tough topics, it may seem to some that I am giving a nod that certain things are okay. And that isn’t what Jesus would have wanted. Jesus never avoided the tough issues. He confronted them head on, but He had an amazing way of doing so with great love and compassion, addressing the issue at hand and never belittling the sinner.

I see many Christians these days, though…so afraid of being called a hypocrite that they take no stance on any of the important issues. They rationalize an “anything goes” mentality that they spread to others.

But is Christianity an “anything goes” religion? Of course not. We are called to the highest standard of living. We have Christ as our example…and He gave His very life for us.

There are Christians in the world who die each day proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is in these countries, such as Latin America, Africa, China…where people die for speaking out in faith. It is also in these countries where the church is growing at a tremendous rate.

But here, in America…we tend to sit in our pews and worship. We are willing to come to church once, twice, or 3 times a week. But are we willing to die for our faith? Are we willing to put ourselves out there and proclaim the gospel by speaking out against those issues that Christ would have us speak out against? And are we willing to learn to do that without pointing fingers in judgement, but holding out arms of compassion?

Are we willing to leave our church pews and make time at the homeless shelter? Are we willing to give up some of our riches to help those who have nothing? These are difficult questions, and they should make us, as Christians squirm a little.

I know they make me squirm a lot. Its very easy to get too comfortable as a Christian, and today I realized that I am definitely a “sugar-coated Christian”. Something for me to think about…and something for me to work on.…