Boys And Groceries

Boys And Groceries

Monday night my bf was going to get home before me, so we decided I would email him a grocery list and he would stop by Whole Foods. Originally, I was going to add “Japanese yams” to the list because I was running low, but decided against that because I figured I would just end up with regular potatoes instead.

I didn’t think the list was too complicated. I mean, we were only making tacos(/taco salad for me)!


Well, low and behold, I deemed this to be THE WORST dinner of my life. Why? Because everything was absolutely wrong. First of all, the romaine– I mean, I had to cut and wash it, when really, I just wanted pre-packaged, triple-washed, ready-to-go romaine! Number two, the corn was not roasted. It was regular, sweet yellow corn. And last but not least, the beans were REFRIED. PRE-DIGESTED BEANS! In my salad!!!

Ok, so I wasn’t really upset, but I was in total disbelief with how wrong this list had gone. We joked that I would be 80 and complaining, “YOU RUINED MY LIFE WITH THOSE REFRIED BEANS.”

And you know what, even though those beans added a big lump of mush to my salad, they actually balanced out the spicy guac with their utter-blandness.


hers: healthy(?) taco(?) salad


his: titled “people who don’t give a shit about food”

Same dinner, two completely different plates and ingredients.  Boys and groceries…