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What Features are Included in Best Android App for File Management

File management is an essential task of an Android phone. Many of us make use of File Managers to segregate different files in the device. If we go to the Play Store, we find many apps that are meant to manage files on your phone. However, going for any app is not sufficient, safe, with granular control and convenient for access. But apps have improved tremendously in these times, and you can download the best android app for file management, . Your productivity powerhouse and your android device needs a good app for managing your files so that you can get better control over your data and files.

What does the android app for file management do?

A file manager android app, in overall, explores the phone’s root directory, sort your files in order, encrypt apps, manually create, move and delete device folders, transfer files to other devices effortlessly and offer you control on your files.

What makes an app best?

  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Streamlines the data with robust security
  • Simple login/registration for the app download
  • Quick download and fast loading
  • Supports multi-languages
  • Operation in online and offline modes
  • User-friendly technological features
  • Cloud storage compatibility

Which one is the best android app for file management?

You need to look into the capabilities or features of a file management app to know whether it is the best app for your android device. This is what draws the web traffic to the app. This will help you to get the best of your file management app of your android device.

Here are the primary features of the best file management Android app:

Built-in Android device

Android 6.0 Marshmallow gives you a file manager that is in-built to the device. For basic file management, this is best. Android 8 Oreo has a different file manager. For Android 9 and higher, file manager in-built called as Files app will enable you to browse connected drive account or local storage quite conveniently.

Make use of file managers from 3rd party for additional features

Some of the 3rd party file managers have the following advanced features

  • Different supportive network protocols such as SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and so on.
  • Rich in customization choices
  • Setup in Dual-pane
  • Extension supportive
  • FTP transfer- Sharing of files with your friends, family, and other devices.
  • Real-time search
  • Encryption and compression supportive
  • Remote management of files
  • Transferring files between PC and Phone is easy with a USB cable through Android file transfer or via Bluetooth. The former is recommended as the latter can be time-consuming, but a good wireless option.
  • Transfer files using a remote network and without your wifi connection.
  • Remote file browsing from anywhere
  • File transfer from Android to other Operating system operated devices like iPhone through ShareIT. It can be accessed from anywhere without any internet connection. A common network is established by connecting both the devices to a wifi network, and files can be transferred quickly.
  • Automatic file sync to many devices by registering the device.
  • Safety is ensured with robust security to your data
  • Some file manager apps also double up as App manager and media players.
  • They are accessible to cloud storage.
  • Some miscellaneous features are material design, a built-in app manager, SMB file sharing, uninstall apps, and explore the root storage.

All the above features in an android app for file management makes the process easy and accessible anywhere and everywhere.

Some top apps that support Android OS for file management with advanced features are:

  • Solid Explorer
  • Amaze File Manager
  • Cx File Explorer
  • FX File Manager
  • MK Explorer
  • MiXplorer Silver
  • Root Explorer
  • X-Plore File Manager

Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader for Android

You enjoy scrolling through your Facebook feed because of the variety in content that pops up on your screen. People all over the world like to put up their videos showcasing their talents or expressing their thoughts. You would want to download some of the attractive and noteworthy videos from Facebook. There might be a video that grabs your attention and you want to send it to your friends through another platform. You also might want to download a large video so that you can refer to it later even without network. You need good video downloading software that can help you effortlessly download a video within no time. This article will provide a list of 5 fruitful software applications for Android users that will make your video downloading experience from Facebook a lot easier.

You may also be interested in knowing these applications to make invitations

Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader for Android

1. is one of the most convenient Facebook video downloader that can download and save the videos within minutes. You can simply copy the URL link of the Facebook video and paste it on the editable box space present in the site. You can utilize the services of this video downloader through its website or use the Chrome extension. It is very much compatible with Android users. Moreover, even if you do not have a Chrome browser and you are using another web directory, you will get an option of saving the video by right-clicking on the download option.

2. KeepVid Android

KeepVid Android offers you a complete package of downloading videos in a variety of file formats. Most importantly, this application can download high-quality videos and is even compatible with videos having 4K resolution. The downloading speed is impressive keeping in mind the quality of the video.

KeepVid has specifically introduced this application which will be compatible with the Android users offering fast speed and hassle-free download. Though an issue was reported with regards to the application crashing from time to time the developers have rectified the problem.

3. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of the favorite applications among users. No wonder it has an impressive rating, thanks to its seamless ability to download videos within minutes into the phone. It is a multithreaded application that works on a shared address and is capable of executing multiple processes at the same time. This technology helps in the faster download of the video without compromising the quality.

One of the unique features of this application is that you can download different files at the same time due to the in-built multithreaded technology. It takes just a few seconds for this application to download multiple videos. This application is said to hang sometimes but the bug fixes are underway by the developers.

4. FastVid: Video Downloader For Facebook

This is a highly rated video downloader in the Google Play Store due to its effortless way of storing high-quality videos in any Android device. FastVid will aid you in saving the video file in your chosen storage location. You just need to copy the Facebook video URL and save it directly in your device. You can download all types of videos present in various formats. What’s more! It is not just restricted to Facebook. You can download videos from multiple sites and browsers.

Currently, has an application rating of 4.6 in Google Play Store. This software is a favorite among Android users for its easy storage provision and fast downloading speed.

5. MVP Video Downloader

MVP Video Downloader is a highly efficacious …

Who Pays? A Constant Dating Dilemma…

Tom and Annabelle had a wonderful time over their first dinner together. They talked and laughed all evening, until the check arrived. Since Annabelle had invited Tom, a fellow attorney, out for the evening, she offered and proceeded to pay the check. She was taken completely by surprise when Tom began to divide the total on his calculator, and then paid for “his share”. Annabelle was hurt, feeling that a great evening had been ruined. So, who pays? Well if this were about 60 years ago, or anytime before, that answer would be simple, obvious, and I’d be construed as strange for asking. However, that is no longer the case and if you took a poll while walking down the street you’d find a lot of different attitudes about the financial etiquette of dating.

Who Pays? A Constant Dating Dilemma...

Some men still do not believe that a woman should pay…ever. I think you would find most men to be relieved when a woman offers to pay, and some might even be offended to always be expected to pay. Most people agree that the person who asks for the date should be responsible for the financial end. That’s great for first and second dates, but what happens when you mutually agree to meet for coffee or at the movies?

Well, before you two get into your first argument at the movie theatre ticket booth…talk a bit about it. Now, you don’t have to get into a two hour discussion about each other’s opinions on investments and your 401K’s, but just mention that either’d feel more comfortable paying your own way (especially if you’ve been seeing a lot of each other) or B. making it clear beforehand who would be responsible for the “bill” of that evening. If you’ve gotten past the formalities of the first and second dates, you should probably be comfortable enough to do this. Just remember, it’s nice to insist on picking up a tab once in a while, just like it’s nice to hear that he’s willing to pick it up for you. When you do “pay your own way” it will make those occassions all the more special, and you won’t feel like you or he has wasted a fortune if things don’t work out between you.

Now, as you get further into your relationship you may find that the two of you have very different attitudes about money. You may have decided to never tell a date what you make or where you have your money invested, whereas the new guy you’re dating may enjoy telling you and everyone else that he makes $100,000/year and has a multitude of stock options.


Economical Hand-Held GPS Units for Hunters: New Bushnell & Garmin GPS Offers Key Features at Prices Under $100

The evolution of hand-held GPS units for hunters truly is a back-to-the-future story.

Early GPS Research Showed Hunters Wanted an Arrow Home

In the late 1980’s, hand-held GPS (Global Positioning Systems) units for sportsmen were being researched by several large companies. One of them was Motorola.

Focus group studies conducted by the company, with hunters, identified the key feature they wanted from the new-age navigational aids, if they came to market. The most requested feature was a simple arrow that pointed the way home.

Economical Hand-Held GPS Units for Hunters: New Bushnell & Garmin GPS Offers Key Features at Prices Under 0

Today, GPS is an everyday term and hand-held units have been used by hunters for mapping waypoints (exact site locations) for stand locations, deer rubs and scrapes and other wildlife sign posts, back-country base camp locations and more. But, it’s taken decades to give sportsmen what they wanted, at the price they were willing to pay.

Original Hand-Held GPS Units Were Expensive

Initially, the cost to produce hand-held GPS units that would simply point a hunter home was prohibitive. Providing an arrow-home function required tons of technology. So manufacturers felt they needed to give users lots of bell and whistles to warrant the $700-plus price tags. Early designs offering lots of navigational function. Today they offer even more. But the units are still pricey.

Bushnell and Garmin Offer Arrow Home GPS Units Under $100

Two decades after the initial research by Motorola, the exact product that sportsmen requested is on the market. Bushnell’s Backtrack GPS System and Garmin’s eTrex H are simple, affordable systems. Backtrack is about the size of a large compass — quite different from the early products that could hardly be called hand-sized. eTrex is about twice the size of Backtrack. Both are priced under $100. Depending on the store or online retailer, Backtrack sells for approximately $65 – $75 and eTrex goes for $88 – $105.

Backtrack and eTrex GPS Unit Comparison

Don’t look for extensive color or topographical maps, touch screens, uploading and downloading capabilities, digital cameras or recording capabilities on these units. Those features come on the high-end designs, which still carry prices tags upward of $450.

With the Backtrack and eTrex H units, users simply store a starting point into the unit with a few button clicks then hit the trail. When ready to return to the starting point, another few clicks and the unit shows the way back.

The primary differences between the two products are how many waypoints can be stored. Backtrack stores three, where eTrex H stores up to 500. Backtrack operates for approximately 30 hours on two AAA batteries, where eTrex operates up to 17 hours on two AA batteries. Both units are WAAS-enabled receivers, making them accurate to three meters 95 percent of the time.

Although no GPS product should be wholly relied up for safe wilderness navigation because mechanical, battery-operated products can die or fail, these two units are just what the wandering sportsmen ordered. Get lost. Get confused. Get back home easily.…

The Encinitas Mile: March – Thing Two

The Encinitas Mile: March - Thing Two

A mile is hard to recap because it’s basically over before it even starts.  The morning of I didn’t know why I thought it would be fun to run a mile.  I was really nervous before the start, because it’s just so short, and right out of the gate you have to go fast.  But I just hoped adrenaline would carry me for the entire mile.

There were several different heats — kids’, under 18, masters, elite women, open women, open men, elite men and dog mile.  My heat didn’t start until 9am.  I arrived around 8:30am and parking was seamless in the .  I walked over around 8:40am, and my extent of warming up was running to the bathroom…

I started off fast and when I looked at my watch I was around a 5:30 pace. I knew this was waaay too fast, so I held back and settled into a pace even though I felt like everyone else was going to pass me.  The first quarter mile to the half mile was probably the hardest and seemingly longest.

After the turn-around things got a little easier and I stopped looking at my watch.  I hung behind this one girl in a neon shirt until I decided I could pass her. Originally, I was just going to let her pull me because the next girl seemed a little bit too far ahead to chase.  However, as the race would have it, I was able to catch up to the next girl and pass her around the last 400m mark.  At this point I just ran as hard as a could.


When I crossed the finish line my chest just hurt. I kept checking my spit to make sure there wasn’t any blood in it, because that’s how bad it hurt!  The mile is the shortest race I’ve ever run, but it definitely hurt the most!

I ended up with 6:09.4, 10th in the open women’s and 41 overall (there were about 300 people total).  Although I didn’t prepare for this race in any way, I achieved my goal of pushing myself to my limits and seeing how fast I could run one mile.  I’m not sure how I feel about racing one mile in general, but I could seeing it as a using it for a potential benchmark race next year.…

Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google’s webmaster tools can help get websites noticed and drive new Internet sales leads. Google’s tools for webmasters continue to expand, as they keep introducing new resources. Small business websites benefit from professional details that help optimize websites for search engines. Google seems like a good place to go for help with website search engine optimization (SEO), because they’re the largest search engine in the world. It just makes sense to have a small business website that complies with what they want.

The Newest Google Webmaster Tools Provide Detailed Website Information

Generate Internet Sales Leads: Free Google Webmaster Tools for Small Business Website Development

Google webmaster tools for business website development include improving website visibility in search results, increasing traffic to a small business website and viewing information about internal and external website links. The links area of Google webmaster tools lets users see what external websites are linking to a website, and which website pages have internal links to other pages on a website. It’s a dynamic tool that can help insurance agencies and companies organize and plan for their website needs.

Google Webmaster Tools Include Site Diagnostics

Site diagnostics in Google webmaster tools lets website owners know if there are any problems or errors with their website. Errors with Meta tags or problems with content might mean that Googlebot cannot index a website. Googlebot, the automated crawler that Google uses to find websites and place them in search results, needs websites that are error-free to get indexed and properly placed in search engine results.

Using Google AdSense on a Small Business Website

Google AdSense provides small business owners with revenue generated through click-through ads. Insurance companies and agencies have to ask themselves whether Google AdSense is right for their small business websites. The bonus is that users may make enough money to pay for web hosting costs – or more. The downside is that even with selecting specific types of ads to appear on a website, if requested ads are not available, Google will revert to different ads that might be insurance agency competitors. Webmasters can reduce or avoid this problem by only using static Google AdSense ads for specific, non-competing companies on small business websites.

Google Statistics Help Small Business Website Owners Understand Traffic

Google statistics offer users information about who is visiting a small business website. For example, top search queries include the top queries used to find a website in Google. Small business website owners can view information about search queries and click-throughs that led users to the website using the Google statistics tool.

Google AdWords Brings Internet Sales Leads to Small Business Websites

Google AdWords allows small business website owners to drive more Internet sales leads to their website. The fee-based program includes ad placement that will help pull in qualified Internet sales leads in a way that’s relevant and easy to maintain. Even without the paid tools, the free Google AdWords keywords tool can help experienced SEO experts drive targeted customers to their insurance company website. The Google Adwords keywords tool provides information about what qualified Internet sales leads are looking for online, and allows users to see trending in keywords used.

In addition to Google’s webmaster tools, there are a number of free small business website resources available online. They can be used to help drive traffic and qualified internet sales leads to an insurance agency or company website. More advanced SEO will require the use of a professional to help guide a small business website to top search engine rankings that attracted qualified internet sales leads.…

Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

A detailed inventory of items destroyed, lost or damaged is often required in order to recoup losses. To save time and money, every business and home owner should consider documenting precious items.

“A typical inventory will record assets with image documentation and an itemized catalogue,” explains Cindy Hartman, owner of the Indianapolis-based Hartman Inventory, Inc. “It’s important to begin with an assessment. Aside of computers, desks, and televisions, consider other items that are unique or critical to the work your employees do or to your home life.”

Disaster Recovery: 8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

8 Reasons You Need a Home or Business Inventory

Disasters – In the face of fire, theft, tornado or other disaster, a property inventory will provide detailed documentation, which will ease the claims process. You’ll recover faster, and according to the Insurance Information Institute, usually with a higher settlement.

Moving – Moving is a terrific time to create an inventory. Listing model and serial numbers will be easier while packing those items. Hartman recommends doing an inventory while packing if working with a moving company. Otherwise, take stock when unpacking.

Storage – Self-storage units are a main target of burglars. Professional burglars know the right people to get the right access code and know that 24-hour guards don’t exist on premise. They can easily get in and out of a storage unit long before police arrive.

Financial Planning – Imagine planning for the future, making sound investments, and suddenly, your home or business is destroyed. Will you recover sufficiently? Will you be forced to dip into your retirement plans? Consider a lower estate value because of diminished investments. An inventory of the contents of your home or business can keep your financial future safe.

Estate Planning and Settlement – Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough. It becomes even more difficult when they’re forced to go through your belongings in order to produce a list of assets so your final will can be executed. An inventory will save them from this additional emotional turmoil.

Divorce – On this subject, Hartman says, “When splitting up a household, some couples want to know the value of their belongings so they can be sure to receive equitable settlements. If one of the spouses owns their own business, an inventory of the assets of the company will be extremely important.”

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – Protect sentimental items and family heirlooms through an inventory prior to joining two households together.

Proof of Uninsured Losses – Many home and business owners in the mid-west didn’t have flood insurance before their homes were swept away with heavy rains. Many of those home and business owners didn’t need flood insurance. And yet, the federal government requires documentation to support the uninsured losses deducted on 1040 tax returns for 2008.

You may not be able to stop the coming storm, but wtih a home or business inventory, you can get back on track quickly, with peace of mind.…