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The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus ChristThe Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich

This book helped inspire Mel Gibson to make the movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief.

Online Book The Dolorous PassionVenerable Anne Catherine Emmerich of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Dedicated to Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich  Mystic, Stigmatist,  Prophet, and Great Visionary,
As well to lead people to a closer God through the promotion of prayer and Christian teaching.
The Passion of Christ by Radix, Doug BarryThe Passion of Christ by Radix

This very powerful presentation has helped thousands of people worldwide to meditate deeply on the Passion of Christ.

This captivating drama draws you in as though you were witnessing the true passion of Christ.

A gripping event that is brought to life by internationally recognized performer Doug Barry. This production is truly a masterpiece. The Passion of Christ is completed by a breath-taking musical score by world renowned pianist, Eric Genuis
Eternal  Word
Television NetworkEternal  Word Television Network

WEWN/EWTN AM/FM Radio Stations
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WEWN/EWTN Short Wave Radio
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EWTN TV schedule

EWTN SIRIUS Satalite Radio
SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscribers can hear EWTN Radio anywhere in the continental United States

Listen or watch EWTN on computer

Mass TimesMass Times A nationwide ministry providing the location of nearby Catholic
churches, times of Masses, adoration, confession

Desert Voice Fr. Robert AltierA desert voice Fr. Robert Altier at the Church of Saint Agnes in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Thursday January 1, 2004 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Written Homily from the Mass at Midnight. DSS Audio of Homily and additional message by Father.

Mary, Mother of God
January 1, 2005 Midnight Mass  Homily.

Download DSS audio player.

Relevant  RadioRelevant Radio

gives people a greater understanding of their faith and helps them find answer's to many of life's challenges in a personal, practical, meaningful way.  Morning Air, Teachings of Jesus Christ by Father John Corapi,  The Doctor Is In Dr. Ray Guarendi and Dr. Coleen Mast. The Drew Mariani Show - Catholic Answers LIVE

Catholic Answers


Catholic Answers is a nonprofit apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by proclaiming and defending the Catholic faith.

Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

The Shrine of the Most BleThe Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monasteryssed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, Hanceville AL.
 - "Mother Angelica's" Place

Catholic Shrines-USA

Catholic Scripture Study
Bible Lessons    Sample
Weekly lessons authored by: Jeff Cavins, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Mark Shea.

The Bible Time Line Jeff Cavins - The Great AdventureThe Bible Time Line by Jeff Cavins Bible study .  The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible is an exciting learning system that teaches people the narrative story of the Bible so they can understand the plan of salvation history.

Articles and Audio programs that give a basic understanding of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and the Mass.

The Real Presence Association, Inc.
To locate an adoration of Our Lord near you.

Humane Life HLA's priority project is to publish and distribute advertising supplements, focusing on abortion, euthanasia and chastity, through mainstream media and college newspapers. 
Priests for Life
Priests for Life - Pro-life
Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church.

Tilly america for life "Tilly" Movie  Pro-Life drama based on book by Christian writer Frank Perretti.


Prolife across America

A Little Video

"The  Billboard people"
Year Of The Rosary

Year of the Rosary  Pope John Paul II

Friends of Archbishop Sheen established by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR. This is the homepage of the Friends of Archbishop Sheen established by Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR.

Be sure to stay tuned to EWTN for Fr. Apostoli's series on Archbishop Sheen which will debut this Fall 2004

Jesus of Nazareth- Jesus Of Nazareth 1977 MovieOriginally made for TV in 1977,( 6+ hours)  Jesus' life is so thorough that the first hour is devoted solely to the story of his birth, public life and Last Supper and the Crucifixion. . Director Franco Zeffirelli Robert Powell, Anne Bancroft, Michael York, Olivia Hussey, James Mason.

Reiser Relief Inc. is a non-profit organization and its primary purpose is supporting the poorest of the poor in the Caribbean country of Haiti.
Reiser Relief Inc. is a non-profit organization and its primary purpose is supporting the poorest of the poor in the Caribbean country of Haiti.

Original Religious Art Work by Mark Sanislo Original religious art work created by
Mark Sanislo

Mother Teresa   Pope John Paul  ll
Padre Pio   Last Supper
Mother of the Word

Do Whatever Love Requires
Do Whatever Love Requires

Carol Ameche & Harriet Hammons

TradeMark StationeryTradeMark Stationery has Full Color Catholic Stationery.
National Catholic Registers

National Catholic Register newspaper, you'll find access to leading Catholic magazines and newspapers, papal encyclicals, Church documents, helpful devotional services.

The Mission of the ShroudThe Mission of the Shroud
is a non-profit organization which purpose is to assist people spiritually with their daily lives.The Mission of the Shroud is also involved in photographic research within the fibers of the Holy Shroud of Turin.
Three Days of Darkness

List of Catholic visionaries

Prophetic Voices
The Word Among Us The Word Amoung  Us
Online offers daily meditations based on the Mass readings of the Catholic Church, inspirational essays and stories of the saints and other Christian heroes and more!

Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic AdorationApostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
For more than fifteen years the Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration has been sending priests to parishes to help start and maintain perpetual Eucharistic adoration. We also provide perpetual adoration promotional materials.
The Rosary of the UnbornOur Lady presented visionary Maureen Sweeney-Kyle with the Rosary of the Unborn and requested to produce the rosary for the world. The Blessed Virgin Mary asked that all people be united in prayer to bring an end to abortionA Message from Jesus
little mary messages from the heartMessages from the Heart  Private Revelations through locutionist Little Mary.

"Today I must remind my children to trust in your prayers. Pray as often as you can so you stay close, close to Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart." message #2610 from the Blessed Mother April 7, 2004

Words from JesusWords from Jesus -

"My people, so many of you feel that you may hide your sins from Me. But it is I Jesus who sees everything. Every thought, every action every word before you even speak. I am not far off in the distance I am in each person that comes in your path, I am there in silence." April 6th 2004

Signs of the Times ApostolateSigns and Wonders for Our Times.
Signs of the Times Apostolate, Inc., is a group of lay and religious Catholics whose primary objective is to live and spread Our Lady's messages of prayer, fasting, faith, conversion and peace to the world.
Spirit DailySpirit Daily - spiritual news from around the world.

ZenitZENIT is an International News Agency.

Our mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church.

"if your nation overturns legalized abortion, I will richly bless it by my favor.
But if this sin continues with national approval, much will be stripped away."
 --Message from Jesus, 10/14/2001

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