Nest Family Timeless Animated Bible Stories
from the Old Testament and from the New Testament


Nest Family

Timeless Animated Bible Stories
by Nest Family


The Positive Benefits


The Nest Family animated bible videos were produced at Rich Animation Studios founded by Richard Rich.  After leaving Disney, he and seven other Disney animators wanted to create bible videos for children.

Half-hour animated videos were created for families to teach positive ethical and spiritual values from the Old Testament and New Testament.

Richard Rich does all the research and writing of these videos and he pours countless hours into making sure the videos are not only historically correct but biblically correct.

Some credits to Richard Rich while at Disney include the animation of "Winnie the Pooh", "The Fox and the Hound", "The Rescuers", other timeless classics.

As we know, children learn from friends, television, schools, churches, books, magazines, role models and by parents in the home, where all education begins.

The videos are one way to help teach children good morals and character values in the home day after day. 

Children love to watch movies over and over again and the videos are giving them more than just entertainment, they teach valuable skills for a lifetime, this is truly needed today to help children survive in a hostile world.

Training children and building them up with healthy food for the soul and having the peace of mind knowing children are watching something safe. 

Children will grow up soon enough and the videos can make for a peaceful family time and will stimulate meaningful discussion, something that can be looked back on with fond memories.

As you will find out, this series is not just for children, but one that your whole family will want to see again and again. It will give the entire family an opportunity to enjoy quality entertainment while inspiring and teaching Scriptural truths. 

The Nest family animated bible series are consistent with the scripture and they are beautifully done in a way that will help children and adults understand Gods character through these Biblical stories

Share a moving presentation of stories in the language of animation is what children like and along with activity book which is filled with games and Scripture references that will instill important biblical lessons.  The videos are helpful for a sleepover and evangelizing in a non-intrusive manner.

Children today are very visual learners and are drawn to television and there is not a whole lot suitable programs for young children's hearts and minds on TV today, so the videos can make some nice compromises in the family.

The characters seem so very "real" and the music will touch children's hearts, as they will also touch adults hearts too, the animation is beautiful and is loved by all ages.

The bible stories come to life before your eyes!   The bible characters are suddenly no longer "characters" but are real people who lived long ago, many of whom walked closely with God and are great examples for children today.

You will learn great biblical detail right along with your children from the videos and activity books. Children will be amazed as they see Jesus heal the little boy with palsy and watch with awe as He calms the storm!

Wouldn't you rather have your children's "heroes" be Daniel, Esther, Ruth, and Paul?  Wouldn't you rather their choices be between John the Baptist and Moses rather than between more secular choices in the world? 

It’s amazing how much children can learn about the Bible watching and listening and using the activity book.  It’s touching beyond belief as children grow spiritually from having these programs in homes and church lending libraries.

Each video is accompanied by an activity book that helps reinforce the important biblical and character-building lessons in the videos. Packed with games, pages to color and puzzles, the activity books give children hours of fun and learning.

Activities are designed for preschool and up.   The covers are treated for easy spill cleanup and the pages are perforated pages for making copies for all the little hands who wish to color them over and over again.

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