Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian?To me being christian is being Christ-like. I have known a few people in my six decades of living who were truly Christ-like in words and deeds. God has set examples before me. I am blessed. Knowing that he hears my every thought and word and sees my every action, I know better than anyone how far I fall from the mark.

In my life I have had two missions that succeeded. Here at home some years ago my daughter and I helped run a Friday night youth group. Today the kids that were in that group see us in public and bless our hearts with their comments. Two of my favorite experiences with them happened at a local grocery store. A young woman ran up to me with her husband and newborn baby. She introduced me as the one who gave her the Bible that she read to them from. Another time a young man in the company of five or six other young men saw us from a distance and ran up, grabbing us and hugging us both. The group that he was with started taunting him and jeering at him. He turned to them and said, “These are my true friends. They love me.” Both times i cried.

My daughter and I also helped run a Tulsa Oklahoma Sunday morning food ministry. We would arrive at a United Pentecostal Church in North Tulsa with the back of our Suburban filled with food. Two church deacons would drive the church bus to the downtown mission and pick up homeless street people who attended morning services after which we served them lunch. We watched our new friends get jobs and apartments. We watched them as their lives changed. They thought they owed us thanks. Time and time again we explained that we served them. We owed them thanks for allowing us to have a part in their lives. We expressed to them that all thanks went to God.

I have been very close to God. Today I fall so short. Am I a christian. I am not Christ-like. I do love the Lord. I talk to him constantly. I take Christianity seriously. I believe that if any of us ever achieved Christ-like perfection that he would take us instantaneously out of here. I read my Bible and I have faith. I believe in miracles and have seen my share. I am so blessed that he loves me, and he hears me, and he answers me. I could not expect more.