About Excerpts of INRI

The excerpts pages used on this site came from “Words from Jesus” messages. If our hearts are open, the core meaning of these words should make us think and reflect on how we could change and try to strive to do what is right. For freedom, is a choice to do the right thing. These are words of Love and Mercy, Our Lord, is begging us, everyone, to repent and allow Him to lead our lives, simply to Trust in Him.

In a previous assignment various excerpts were extracted and categorized under different subjects. After the project was finished, it was realized and decided to share these excerpts for all to reflect upon, thus Excerpts of INRI was created.

You may or may not agree with concept of prophecy of future events that are being relayed through interior locutions to his messenger. But, it is possible, Our Lord can pick anyone He wants. When he started His public ministry, he did contact he scribes or pharoses, he went to the “lay” people, simple fisherman. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, a prophet of his time, stated that the laity will be responsible to bring order back into the church. Perhaps, this is the Lords way, by using simple messengers.

Though the messages may seem harsh, and differ with your thoughts, but if your heart is open you may agree that today’s culture there seems to be a lost sense of God; it is because there is a lost a sense of sin? Look at our “entertainment” today, TV, movies and 80% of it involves us watching others act out in “sin”, we call this free speech. Our culture of “living is sin”, is not pleasing to Our Lord and it resembles times of the Old Testament in many ways.

The Lord knows our weaknesses and we must fight the temptations and reconciles ourselves with God, to gain true freedom and peace. For we can not forget that our soul lives forever, and in the end we are either winners or losers, either have our soul resting in total peace or in constant torment, heaven or hell its our choice.

Committing a sin, is not sin to ones self, but it effects the whole society, for we all are united within Christ’s body; for we are all in communion with one another.

Sinfulness involves more than a purely personal act. For each time we sin, we interfere with God’s presence and action within the believing community of which we are a part. We center ourselves in isolation from that community and turn away from God. (Disobedience was the first sin of man). And if this continues then the community is affected and then the community is weakened. Now look at the world community today, where sin is multiplying itself at a rapid pace. The culture, governments and media have turned away from God and creating a new type of culture, defining what is right and wrong. How long can this continue?

Lets get back to the messages, again you do not have to believe interior locutions, but essentially the core message is one of Love and mercy. Calling us to repentance and a change of heart in our whole life, make God a priority in our lives, what better time to start. The movie the Passion of the Christ, by Mel Gibson, it’s perfect timing for our times. We can reflect on our Lords passion in a visual way and know that He became sin to save everyone of us, but since we have a free will, we still have to do our part.

Since the creation of Excerpts of INRI, more content was added relating to God; food for the soul you could say. Our soul needs to be nourished everyday and throughout the day, so more content was added to aid in coming closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

From movies like Mother Teresa and books like Messages from the Heart of Our Mother,

Pro-life audio messages by Fr. Frank Pavone short reflections on important issues combating the “culture of death.” and Dr. John Willke, MD with his wonderful one minute life Jewels.

Educational audio feeds of Catholic Church teachings by Fr. Robert J. Fox and Fr. Shannon Collins, which all can help us on the narrow path.

EWTN Catholic TV Network of which Marcus Grodi Host of The Journey Home Real Audio conversion stories from former Lutherans and former Presbyterians coming home to the Catholic Church.