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A few of my favorite things

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother
Book by Fr. Robert J. Fox on Little Mary

1977  TV movie staring  Robert Powell
as Jesus of Nazareth
Passion of Christ meditations

A little dedication to Our Blessed Mother
Motion Picture Movie THÉRÈSE 
directed by Leonardo Defilippis
Frank Peretti’s novel Tilly,
now in a short film by Love Life America.
The Song of Bernadette is a 1943 film staring Jennifer Jones as Saint Bernadette Soubirous
Blessed Margaret of Castello the Movie,
staring Lucia Puccia as Little Margaret
Fr. Frank Pavone   Short reflections on important issues combating the "culture of death
Dr. John Willke, MD  Life Jewels -
A one minute Pro-Life Message.
Animated Bible Stories by NestFamily
The Passion of Christ Movie
by Doug Barry of RADIX
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Movie by Lux Vide
John of the Cross
Movie by Leonardo Defilippis, Luke Films

Catholic Conversion stories by  Presbyterians  and former Lutherans and Baptists on the Journey Home show Host by Marcus Grodi
Contraception why not - by Dr.Janet E Smith
Father Angelus Shaughnessy Audio Homilies
Father Altier Audio & Text Homilies

ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETWORK (EWTN) Catholic mediaEWTN Pro Life media Links   programs that help all in learning the gift of life and the true value for standing up for life.

Fr. Frank PavoneFr. Frank Pavone  A People of Life -  Short reflections on important issues combating the "culture of death."  What are persons?  Environmental Protection the core of America's beauty.

Dr. John Willke, MDDr. John Willke, MD
  Life Jewels - One minute Pro-Life Messages.
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A new book from Fr. Robert J. Fox
Messages from the Heart of Your Mother   A new book from Fr. Robert J. Fox"Messages   from the Heart of Our Mother"
Messages from the heart of Our Mother book
That contains messages from Jesus and the Mother of God. They are Urgent Messages from Heaven intended for the world, and are at long last in book form.  Art work by Mark Sanislo.

A woman known as “Little Mary” has been
receiving these heavenly
messages since 1995

Share in the Passion of Christ with audio meditations from Doug Barry of Radix and excerpts from Words from Jesus.
Passion of Christ Medidiations Doug Barry and Words from Jesus

Passion of Christ ecce homo"My people, My Passion, Death, and Resurrection
are the greatest moments of humanity
since the beginning of creation."

Pilate said to them, "Behold the man!"
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Doug Barry of Radix - The Passion of Christ Video
The Radix Passion - The Passion by Doug Barry of RADIX on-stage performance
Radix Passion of Christ by Doug Barry
The Radix Meditation of the Passion of Christ video is powerful! moving! and pulls at the heart strings of all who view it!

I have never seen such passion in a one man show. His performance was flawless and very moving. I was in tears throughout the show.

prepared to share in an interior way the tremendous pain that Christ suffered for our sins.
The greatest act of love known and unknown to
Doug Barry man is the suffering and death of Jesus Christ

'Please stay here with me an pray'

More sample audio clips

Our Blessed Mother - littlemary messagesAve Maria - a little dedication to Our Blessed Mother,
The Mother of God.

The Mother of God and Our Heavenly mother comes out to love to her children. She has many titles: Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of all Nations,

She comes with messages from the heart, private revelations  to little mary.  A message on to keep focus on Our Lord,  her Son, Jesus Christ.  The Mother of God, our mother reminds her children to live the beatitudes and Gospel message. 

Our Lady speaks of prayer,  so that we can have peace in our heart, be forgiving like her Son.  The Blessed virgin, asks that we take quite time in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Her Son, who is humbly present in the little form of bread. 

This bread contains all goodness; the Body, Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, who gave his life, so that we can be with him in paradise.

Pages dedicated to the movie called "Jesus of Nazareth" by Franco Zeffirelli, who had a divine inspiration to make suJesus of Nazareth the Moviech a beautiful film.   With scripture and audio meditations from Jesus birth to His crucification.

Jesus of Nazareth Robert PowelThe most important decision of all by Zeffirelli was to give the part of Jesus to the British actor Robert Powell. He was and still is the most magnificent Christ in the history of cinema depicting Jesus public ministry, Passion crucification death and resurrection. "Our Father"
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Frank Peretti’s novel Tilly is now being shared with many in a short film,Tilly by Love Life America - Frank Peretti created by Love Life America. 

Tilly is a Message of Hope, a pro-life story on a powerful promise of love and forgiveness, a story that has gently touched people’s hearts and changed their lives.
Tilly by Love Life America
Tilly a true story of healing told to him in a support group by a woman that was suffering the pain after an abortion. 

It’s a compelling pro-life story from Christianity's #1 best-selling fiction author.  
Real Video Clips
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Nest Family Anitmated Bible StoriesTimeless Animated Bible Stories
by NestFamily


Click here for some benefits of these videos

Nest Family Animated bible - Bread from HeavenClick here for Principles Taught and audio clips

Click here for additional animated bible stories (3  4)

Click here for info on the 64 page activity book

 Half-hour animated videos were created for families to teach positive ethical and spiritual values from the Old Testament and New Testament.

Introducing THÉRÈSE, a major motion picture based on the true story of SaintTherese the movie by Leonardo Defilippis ThérèseDVD SaintTherese the movie of Lisieux.

Directed by Leonardo Defilippis, THÉRÈSE beautifully portrays the ordinary life of an extraordinary soul.

She has been called “the greatest saint of therese banner Lindsey Youncemodern times” and her spiritual doctrine, “the antidote for the despair of our world today”. THÉRÈSE could not be timelier, given our current world situation.

TThe Song of Bernadette is a 1943 filmhe Song of Bernadette is a 1943 film which tells the story of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who, in 1858 in Lourdes, France, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The story begJennifer Jones as Bernadette Soubirousins on February 11th, 1858, in the town of Lourdes in southern France. Bernadette Soubirous (Jennifer Jones), a simple minded peasant girl, sees a vision of a "beautiful lady" in the grotto near the village dump.


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"For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible."

Lucia Puccia as Little MargaretBlessed Margaret of Castello the Movie, staring Lucia Puccia as Little Margaret And Robert Sommer as Fr Silvestro.  Blessed Margaret of Castello was born in the 1287,  who was born a crippled, blind and hunchbacked dwarf.

She died on April 13, 1320 and more than 200 miracles have been credited to her intercession after her death.  Little Margaret of Castello was declared Blessed by the Catholic Church on Oct. 19, 1609.
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Mother Teresa of Callcutta Movie by Olivia HusseyMother Teresa of Calcutta played by Olivia Hussey

Filmed entirely in Sri Lanka and Rome, Olivia’s portrayal of Mother Teresa was not only praised and approved by the Missionaries of Charity, lead by Sister Nirmala (Mother Teresa’s successor), but by Agi Bojaxhieu, Mother Teresa’s niece and only living relative! 

It was
Produced by Lux Vide for Italian TV mini-series.  It was shown around the time of the beatification of the world's most famous nun, October 2003.

John of the Cross 1997 Movie by Leonardo Defilippis.John of the Cross, a intriguing story of the greatest poet that Spain has ever known, in a video that has the depth and beauty of a 16th century masterpiece.

Defilippis and Patti Defilippis play all the main characters, including John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila.

Marcus Grodi Hosts The Journey Home show and his special guests discuss their personal conversion stories from former Presbyterians  and former Lutherans and former Baptists.

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