GreenGeeks Review

Web hosting provides many possibilities. It improves site performance, offers outstanding technical support, boosts website security, and guarantees high reliability.

But the number of web hosting makes the selection process confusing. What’s one of the best options to take advantage of? GreenGeeks has been a trusted name in the industry.

GreenGeeks Review: Green Hosting Rated By 39 Real Users

What makes it different from others? Why should you ? In this GreenGeeks review, you will know them all. Keep reading for more details!

What is GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks has been in the industry for decades. Founded in 2006, the web hosting is popular for environmentally-friendly, competitively priced, and effective services to clients across the world.

Serving the market for years now, it hosted more than 500,000 websites and counting. Its pool of customers is expected to double in the coming months, making it an industry-leading eco-friendly hosting de mexico provider .

Different Types of Hosting

According to most GreenGeeks reviews online, the platform has a wide range of hosting plans developed to meet the different budget needs of customers.

Popular options include dedicated WordPress hosting and VPS plans. The range of subscription packages makes the company a one-stop expert for all.

Known for Sustainable Hosting

Who would have thought that a web hosting could be environmentally friendly? But GreenGeeks made it happen. Established with commitment to sustainability, the hosting platform stands out from the rest because of its green hosts.

Small, medium-sized, or well-established companies believe that green is weak, poor, and inefficient. But it is not true. In fact, GreenGeeks has been the leading option in air travel and other sectors.

As an EPA Green Power Partner, GreenGeeks is dedicated to delivering strong, high-quality, tailored, and safe operations without compromising performance and speed.

Why Choose GreenGeeks over the Rest?

There are many popular web hosting providers to pick, so why should you choose GreenGeeks? Here are a few reasons that make this sustainable hosting platform a perfect investment:

State-of-the-art Speed Technology

A website that does not load quickly affects client conversion and traffic all over the internet. GreenGeeks, on the other hand, ensures reliable site speed. This helps increase the number of your customers and boost your ROI.

Based on GreenGeeks review, the web hosting tries to invest in the most advanced technology that will enable your web pages load within a few seconds or less. It has SSD hard drives, fast servers, PHP 7, HTTP/2, built-in caching, and CDN services.

Multiple Infrastructure

Similar to other web hosting providers, GreenGeeks has a significant number of data centers in different corners of the world, including Amsterdam, Chicago, Montreal, Phoenix, and Toronto.

Each of these data centers has onsite generators, a dual-power city grid, and back-up, making uptime superb.

High Level of Security

Security is a common concern in web hosting. But there’s nothing to worry about! GreenGeeks strives to take its security to the next level.

The company uses Linus Secure VFS for additional protection against attacks and malware.

Apart from that, GreenGeeks incorporates Spam Assassin, automatic brute force detection, security scanning, password protection, and other security measures into its system.

Free Domain

Yes, you read it right. GreenGeeks provides a free domain for new users. But let’s be honest. The available features are limited, so it is perfect so subscribe to a specific plan.

Website Migration

There’s also an option to transfer your domain at GreenGeeks. You can even migrate your website like a pro. Plus, there are no extra expenses to settle at the end of the day.

Excellent Customer Support

It is inconvenient when a problem takes place …